Central Plains Gardener's September Checklist

I am a teacher, and college always starts in August — way too premature. From the Central Plains, that usually means you’ve got about a month of perspiration on your casual dress outfits and being totally confused about what season it is, particularly when your pupils are wearing sunglasses and shorts. But this seasonal double […]

Frank Gehry Helps 'Make It Right' at New Orleans

Thanks to Brad Pitt’s star power and Frank Gehry’s belief in Pitt’s Make It Proper foundation, Louisiana now houses one of only 22 Gehry residences in the United States. Building of this Gehry duplex has been finished late last week at New Orleans’ Lower Ninth Ward, one of the areas hardest hit by Hurricane Katrina. […]

Gardening Happiness Found … at Potholes

Guerilla gardener Steve Wheen would like to put a grin on your face, and he is starting in the most unlikely places — potholes varying from a 5-inch sliver on the pavement to cracks that may be seen from a professional window that’s 10 stories up. “The connection between pothole gardening and pleasure is simple: […]

Gable Roof

A gable roof is just one of the most common roofing types, together with two triangular gable ends and one ridge between two sloping roof panels. A gable roof lets snow and water to run off while supplying loft space on the inside. Kettelkamp & Kettelkamp A gabled roof is the best layout for water […]

Renovation Detail: The Knee Brace

As a style enthusiast, I love details which are heavy on form and function. The triangular knee brace perfectly embodies both. A knee brace (also known as a gable or eave bracket) is a diagonal support set between two right-angle airplanes to strengthen their relationship. You’ll often find knee braces on Craftsman homes with gable […]

Sourcebook: Rustic Style

Rustic design is all about taking inspiration in the past, meaning raw forests, farmhouse styles and natural textures. Take ideas from barn fixtures and the countryside; even checking out nation real estate sales and salvage shops could cause some great finds. You are going to be feeling that the log cabin vibe in no time. […]