How to Prep for Pavers

Installing walkways, patios or courtyards made of pavers is labor-intensive work. Putting a small amount of additional time into properly preparing the foundation layers which may support the pavers ensures the finished surface remains stable for years to come. A fantastic base must consist of a layer of gravel, landscape fabric and sand, all graded […]

How to Set Yard Marble Chips

Marble is many different colors, but marble chips are most frequently white and comprise a glimmering surface which reflects heat and light. Marble chips work best when used in paths and patios as a substitute for gravel. Although gravel frequently can be used as inorganic mulch around plants, marble chip mulch’s reflected sunlight may be […]

Plants to Boost the Safflower Feeder

An unsightly byproduct of bird feeding is weedy bananas under the feeder. Unless you want to commit the time to sterilize seeds, you need plants which stop the dropped seeds from germinating. Ideally, the plants will likely stifle unwanted growth, add beauty to your landscape and attract beneficial insects, birds or butterflies. Many varieties of […]

Cost-Effective Landscaping Ideas

Nobody wants to spend an exorbitant amount of money on landscaping whenever they don’t need to. Cost-effective landscaping ideas are hooking up all the time, fueled by not just a wish to do more with less but also by the “green” movement. Many homeowners have understood that achieving a beautiful landscape doesn’t need to be […]

How to Recycle Pavers

Pavers are often chosen for hardscapes due to their durability, but they are able to break and substances become dated, so you might need to replace your old pavers. They may be very heavy, amounting to hard work and higher cost if you would like to simply dispose of them. Instead of throwing them off, […]

How to Transplant Big Shrubs in Pots

Large potted shrubs might need transplanting since they’re new, recently bought plants grown in ultra nursery containers. Or, they might have been growing in the same big container for a while and it’s time to transfer them into a larger container or into the garden. While awkward, transplanting large potted shrubs doesn’t have to be […]

The Unparalleled Power of Trees

I find it is possible to fit most home websites into one of two types of areas: people with mature shade trees and people without. Residence websites without trees just are not the same. However much design is integrated into a website, something is always missing without the pedigree of trees. Whether these trees become […]

Is It Time?

Fake grass, you say? Do not scoff. Synthetic turf is moving beyond football fields and golf courses to become more common in home landscapes. I will show you how this substance can make sense in several home applications and even address some landscaping conditions that vex a lot people. Is it right for you? Learn […]