Scandinavian Style Inspires a Bungalow's New Look

Bill Humphrey and Maria Garuti’s North Carolina bungalow had great bones and a fantastic design but wanted a little design adore. Dark walls, a outdated bathroom, an uninviting entry and an awkward kitchen obscured the joys of the 1918 home. Garuti, a freelance decorator, and Humphrey, a guitar pick maker, both have a knack for […]

History Resonates in a New Washington Farmhouse

After living in a mobile home in their central Washington farm for 18 years, Cari and Greg Horning and their growing daughters needed an upgrade. The couple had planned to raise the roof for an improvement, but they ran into a number of building limitations. Talks with the builders in WM Construction persuaded them to […]

2 Floors With a Daycare at a Toronto Victorian

After Stephanie Moore and Adam Dalgarno set out to find a home in west Toronto, they anticipated some serious compromises. “Our wish list was lengthy, and our budget was tight. Adam was fresh to town, and I just out of college, and we both wanted a distance that would serve as our home and adapt […]

Color Guide: How to Work With Neon Brights

Call them what you may: neon, Day-Glo, fluorescent. Whatever they are, they should force you to think about a highlighter. Neon colors are so called because they seem to throw their own light, to glow from within such as their elemental namesake. They are the colors of psychedelics and black light posters. We do not […]

Small Island Home at Washington

Though the “Salsa House” was initially named for the salsa made on the home (the ingredients are grown there too), this eclectic small dwelling on Washington state’s Vashon Island lives up to its festive and colorful title. Engineered materials, a bold exterior and smart small-home solutions all unite in this cozy Northwest cabin. The owners, […]

The Case of the Disappearing Clutter in Toronto

Architect Tony Round admits that there is nothing romantic about a home renovation, especially if you’re an architect. “I revived with my spouse, who is alsoan architect — you could say that that was one of the biggest challenges that we faced,” says Round with a laugh. He and his wife, Andrea Kordos, worked on […]

Frank Gehry Helps 'Make It Right' at New Orleans

Thanks to Brad Pitt’s star power and Frank Gehry’s belief in Pitt’s Make It Proper foundation, Louisiana now houses one of only 22 Gehry residences in the United States. Building of this Gehry duplex has been finished late last week at New Orleans’ Lower Ninth Ward, one of the areas hardest hit by Hurricane Katrina. […]

Gardening Happiness Found … at Potholes

Guerilla gardener Steve Wheen would like to put a grin on your face, and he is starting in the most unlikely places — potholes varying from a 5-inch sliver on the pavement to cracks that may be seen from a professional window that’s 10 stories up. “The connection between pothole gardening and pleasure is simple: […]

Sourcebook: Rustic Style

Rustic design is all about taking inspiration in the past, meaning raw forests, farmhouse styles and natural textures. Take ideas from barn fixtures and the countryside; even checking out nation real estate sales and salvage shops could cause some great finds. You are going to be feeling that the log cabin vibe in no time. […]