Fantasy Kids' Rooms

Designers seem divided on the dilemma of theme rooms for children. On the 1 hand, they’ll probably outgrow the theme in a couple of decades. On the other hand, they are SO MUCH FUN until they do! Themed rooms for kiddos aren’t limited to bedrooms; playrooms, rec rooms, finished basements and playhouses can all take […]

Meet a Lakefront Home Designed for Work and Play

Homeowners Kate and Rob host mythical parties, therefore a house suited to entertaining was on very top of their list. Kate, proprietor of a writing and marketing communications firm, also needed her house to serve as an office space for staff gatherings and customer functions. “We saw that the possibilities and knew we could place […]

6 Best Design Events: Oct. 14-Nov. 4, 2011

Jetset to Japan for Tokyo Designers Week to observe the latest in product and interior design, or view the way design and food intersect in Chicago. Discover what’s new in home furnishings in the famous High Point Market Week at North Carolina, or Get a handmade treat from the Fall Crafts in Chelsea fair. If […]