How Much Iron Does Grass Need?

Grass needs iron to generate chlorophyll, essential for photosynthesis. The leaves have veins and seem yellowish-green, if the green chlorophyll doesn’t develop in grass. This is called iron chlorosis. In severe cases of iron chlorosis, the leaves that are yellowish turn white. Spraying iron goods is a temporary solution. The best remedy for iron deficiencies […]

What's Shoestringing in Tomato Plants?

Whether you hear mention of “shoestringing” tomato issues from gardening friends or notice the leaves of your tomatoes have chosen on a shoestring look, your plants are probably experiencing a potentially serious disease. Become familiar with disease types and ways to stop shoestring troubles, and put a control program set up immediately if these symptoms […]

Oil Spray to Citrus Trees

Citrus trees include grapefruit, oranges, lemons, kumquats and limes that — depending on the species — grow in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 9 through 12. These fruit trees can come under attack from damaging diseases and insects, that can affect the fruit formation of your citrus. To kill, treat or prevent problems, […]

Dry-Brushing Glazing Techniques

Tinted glaze is a not-so-secret material utilized for faux finishing that can help add a sense of depth and dimension to your project. Dry-brush techniques use a dry or mainly dry brush to either remove or apply glaze into the piece, letting you create unique visual textures over an otherwise smooth surface. The end result […]

Could I Paint a Design on My Kitchen Backsplash?

Rather than replacing an old or dull kitchen backsplash, give it a fresh new look with painted designs. Anything’s possible with paint — out of chevrons to triangles, vines and fleur de lis designs. Paint with the assistance of stencils or painter’s tape if the idea of freehand painting seems frightening. Keys to Success A […]