While the clerestory has really come to mean any window place high up — say, above eye level — in a wall, it was originally a set of windows positioned above the roof of the amount beneath. Think of the interior of a Gothic church; the windows above the primary floor are put from the […]

Why Men Need a Cave

Calm down, ladies. When a guy wants his own space in the house — make it a cave, garage, bar, media room, billiards hall, woodshop or bowling alley — it’s not a red flag indicating that he’s rebelling on your relationship, attempting to avoid you or shirking social responsibilities. In fact, having one’s own personalized […]

10 Beautiful Bathrooms for Kids

I have perhaps the tiniest chip on my shoulder about kids’ room decoration. My pet peeve is photos of children’s rooms which are only too great and tidy and design-y to be even remotely real. I am all for aspirational photography, and that I understand that the room must look its best for design shots. […]

History Resonates in a New Washington Farmhouse

After living in a mobile home in their central Washington farm for 18 years, Cari and Greg Horning and their growing daughters needed an upgrade. The couple had planned to raise the roof for an improvement, but they ran into a number of building limitations. Talks with the builders in WM Construction persuaded them to […]