The Way to Get Soda Out of Leather Couches

When beverages are permitted near a leather couch, spills occasionally occur. When that spill is a sticky substance such as soda, it can leave behind quite a mess if not dealt with right away. If the spill occurs on a removable cushion, check the areas between and under the cushions to ensure more soda isn’t […]

The Way to Fix Furniture With Uneven Polyurethane Coating

Oil- and – water-based polyurethane finishes provide a tough, clear coating to protect hardwood floors, walls and furniture. This product is somewhat lean as a liquid, which makes it rather easy to use over wood surfaces. The lean consistency also makes it easy for employed excesses to dry and run unevenly. Manufacturers advocate applying polyurethane […]

How to Wash Woven Plastic Slingback Chairs

Woven plastic serves as durable chair material for outdoor slingback chairs, prepared to defy the elements day after day, month after month. Over the years, dirt and grime build up only from being outdoors. Wind, rain and contamination all come into play, creating a buildup which might not be noticed until you see how clean […]

The Best Way to Apply Stain on a Fence

Each and every day, the wood fence of your home becomes battered rot-inducing moisture, by damaging sun rays and other destructive elements. A timber stain helps create a protective barrier which keeps your weapon looking beautiful through the years. In general, fence stains become categorized as semi-transparent, penetrating stains or solid-color stains, depending on the […]

The Way to Use Thinset to Make a Layout on Concrete

Thanks to its quick-drying nature and thin application demands, thinset is a relatively simple method to incorporate appealing designs to an existing concrete floor. Thinset is made from cement and resins and appears like normal cement, therefore it may be utilized in spot applications or to cover the entire floor. If you’re applying thinset on […]

Perennial Flowers That Bloom in Late June & July

Annuals are nice, but perennials form the basis for most flower gardens. These plants are long-lived and often tolerate drought, poor soil and fail. Unlike annuals, that have a lengthy bloom-time, most perennials only bloom for a few weeks each year. Bloom times vary, depending upon your climate and even the growing conditions in your […]

Are You Currently Outdoor & Indoor Hibiscus Plants?

Of the more than 200 species of hibiscus in presence, some are hardy as far north as U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zone 5. Others can only endure winters in the warmest parts of the USA, and are generally grown as houseplants. The hardiness of outside hibiscus plants is dependent on where they originated, […]