Show Us Your Garage!

Tell us Houzz consumers: Is your garage a whirlwind of old toys and power tools? Or have you ever managed to keep it clean and tidy? Whether your garage is a model of business, or it just needs a little TLC, we would like to see it! National Clean Out Your Garage Day is just […]

Mix and Match Your Own Kitchen Cabinet Styles

Can’t pick between painted or wood cabinets, or if they need to be light or dark? Pick both for a memorable kitchen. Mixing and matching cabinet finishes and colours is one of my favorite things to suggest for a kitchen. It is a bold move and most people aren’t quite ready to make this leap. […]

Home Tech: Movie Night on the Patio

Summer is waning, but that’s no reason to move indoors. With the right setup, we could enjoy some of autumn’s most anticipated pleasures — soccer — right in our backyards. Fall is my favourite season, and for many like me in the Midwest, it’s time to take advantage of every precious minute outside before the […]

5 Ingredients to a Romantic Bedroom

Is your bedroom intimate? I was recently asked by a journalist to present my input for making a romantic bedroom. I said that so as to make a completely seductive space we will need to arouse our five senses: touch, sight, smell, hearing and taste. I asked a few of my friends for their views, […]

9 Window Chairs That Command Attention

I spent my childhood dreaming about having a window seat. (Well, that and having a wrap-around porch with a swing. I am pretty sure I am a hopeless romantic who belongs in the Victorian age ). I never got you — still do not own one — but I am willing to live vicariously through […]

Punch Up Your Shelving

A great way to bring a touch of color or pattern to a space is by lining the trunk of bookshelves and built-ins with paint, fabric or wallpaper. Adding this contrasting element draws the eye on the area and at the same time highlights the objects displayed on the shelves. Dufner Heighes Inc The green […]

10 New Beautiful Cabinet Ideas for Your Kitchen

If you are looking to remodel your kitchen, one of the major things that you should change are the painting Fort Collins, CO. These are the hottest cabinet trends for 2018 that are very likely to last for many years to come. Embossed Fronts Who said your cabinet fronts have to be flat surfaced? Add […]

Expand Your Options for Powder Bath Furniture

Every month a popular Atlanta exhibition center opens its doors as a market for buyers and sellers. Aisle after aisle you are able to discover beautiful antique jewelry and furniture, among other collectibles. I encouraged a neighbor to accompany me during a recent trip at which I was shopping for furniture to utilize in our […]

Japanese Magnolia Pests

Japanese magnolia (Magnolia x soulangiana), or saucer magnolia, is an early-blooming tree ideal for developing in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant-hardiness zones 2 through 10. These slow-growing trees have low-slung branches and usually increase as wide as they’re tall, creating huge, cup shaped blooms. More than 40 types are available, in the diminutive “Lilliputian,” which […]

Dumpster Rental vs. Junk Removal: Pros and Cons

Whether you’ve just gone through a major cleaning or you are stuck with trash from your last home improvement project, you’ll definitely need the help of a professional service. landscape design Scottsdale requires proper waste collection tools and a weight-bearing vehicle that may need to make several trips to collect all the junk from your […]

Interesting Facts About Wildflowers

Slopes viewing fields, roadsides and meadows filled with colourful arrays of wild flowers that are blooming is is among the the excellent gifts of existence. While we enjoy we are given by the incredible elegance wild flowers, we rarely consider the wonderful mechanisms at work to continue this this present year after year. Each year, […]