California Gardener's April Checklist

Water shortages along with energy crises and other realities of modern living have taught us valuable lessons about conserving our priceless resources. And in our gardens, we all Californians have pioneered sustainable strategies that are beautiful and more appropriate to our Mediterranean climate. Go to a nursery this month, and you’re going to see plants […]

New Classics: Frank Gehry's Hat Trick Chair

You may know of Frank Gehry for his designs, like the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, or for his assisting Brad Pitt “make it right” at New Orleans, but did you understand he is a die-hard ice hockey fan? Produced in Canada, Gehry has honored the game not just by designing an ice rink in Anaheim, California, […]

Dutch Homes Deck Out for the Holidays

Christmas is a wonderful time of year to display your creative side and get festive by decorating your house. But many towns and cities around the world don’t have sprawling front lawns to decorate, including many homes in the Netherlands. I jumped on the bike and snapped several festive facades to explain to you the […]

8 Gorgeous Suspended Fireplaces in Every Form

Mount one on the wall or hang it from the ceiling — a suspended fireplace is certain to bring a level of elegance to a home. A retro-inspired, out-of-the-box layout decision, suspended fireplaces will have your guests glowing with respect and envy. Get inspired by these magnificent and surprisingly space-saving architectural beauties which may work […]

Color Guide: How to Work With Neon Brights

Call them what you may: neon, Day-Glo, fluorescent. Whatever they are, they should force you to think about a highlighter. Neon colors are so called because they seem to throw their own light, to glow from within such as their elemental namesake. They are the colors of psychedelics and black light posters. We do not […]

They're Baaack: 7 Retro Design Features

It is true that everything rolls round again. I occasionally wore my mother’s old poodle skirts when I was in high school and, well, we’ve seen the Flashdance look on the middle schoolers. There are some things that act as symbols of an age’s misguided choices, a shorthand for awful style. Avocado appliances instantly bring […]

8 Tips for a Supremely Organized Winter Garage

Mountains of snow on the horizon imply that shovels, snow blowers, skis and more are all about to come out of the woodwork. Prepare suitably for the daily use of winter equipment and gear by becoming your garage in tip-top shape today. An organized garage that functions as a functional storage space will keep everything […]

Composite Lumber

Plank for plank, composite beats out natural wood in all but two manners: the initial cost of the material is higher, and it has a plastic appearance. On the other hand, it comes in a variety of shades and finishes, and it is built to last more than decades of harsh conditions without sealing or […]

3 Home Features to Boost Accessibility

While your family members might not call for any changes to your home right now, think about those seeing your property. Perhaps you have friends, parents, grandparents or other people with mobility devices. Including the following three accessibility features will make your home easier for them to visit. A minumum of one zero-step entrance on […]