Review of the Ryobi ZRRY30550

The Ryobi RY30550, also called the SS30, is a gas-powered string trimmer with a straight drive shaft. As of 2014, Ryobi no longer sells the RY30550; it is replaced in the newer product lineup with all the low-emission 30 cc RY28140. Used and reconditioned SS30 models might be found on the secondary market. Engine The […]

Natural Gas Vs. Propane Pool Heaters

Gas-fired pool heaters pack a powerful punch and will heat your pool’s water quickly. Gas heaters may run on either natural gas or propane, and although both gasoline will create your pool only as warm and comfy as another, differences in the energy content, distribution methods and cost of each fuel type may make one […]

Toro Weed Wacker Fuel Ratio

The Toro Company provides two gas-powered trimmers, frequently referred to as weed whackers, to assist homeowners maintain their lawn trimmed. Both lightweight models feature a complete crank, 25.4-cc two-cycle engine layout for balanced handling. The trimmers use a blend of two-cycle and gas engine lubricant, held in an 18-ounce gas tank. Mix up it The […]

How to Clean a Stained Shower Enclosure

A hot shower fails to invigorate when everything you can think about are the stains inside it. A build-up of mineral deposits, rust marks and soap scum lead to these unsightly shower enclosure stains, and if left unchecked, they become more challenging to eliminate. But toilet cleaner and surprisingly simple homemade stain removers produce tile […]

How to Make a Boy's Bedroom Smell Better

Snips and snails and puppy dog tails may be what little boys are made of, or therefore the nursery rhyme says. But by the smell of things, it might seem that boys — or at least their bedrooms — are made of gym shorts, wearing gear and dirty socks. If this distinctive “boy odor” is […]

The way to Repair Leather Chair Arms

It is really a double-edged sword: Leather is tougher than other upholstery materials and much easier to wash when you’ve got pets and children. Unfortunately, it’s also vulnerable to punctures, scratches and splitting, along with slices and fading. Much of the harm is not difficult to avoid if you condition your leather seat frequently and […]

Ornamental Trees With Small Prickly Fruit

Trees have cosmetic value for a lot of reasons, including their satisfying foliage or vibrant flowers. Some trees have additional impact because of the visual appeal of the fruit. Many ornamental trees are especially interesting because they encase their seeds at a prickly or spiny coat which protects them from predators and adds additional landscape […]

What Is the Name of a Magnolia Tree With Red Berries?

Magnolia trees (Magnolia spp.) Include over 80 distinct species and fall into three categories: deciduous, semi-evergreen or evergreen. The red berries of certain magnolia trees attract wildlife and make contrast against their variable light-colored blossoms and green leaf. Pests and diseases are minor problems like magnolia trees, which makes them a hardy selection for residential […]

Cost-Effective Landscaping Ideas

Nobody wants to spend an exorbitant amount of money on landscaping whenever they don’t need to. Cost-effective landscaping ideas are hooking up all the time, fueled by not just a wish to do more with less but also by the “green” movement. Many homeowners have understood that achieving a beautiful landscape doesn’t need to be […]

The way to Prune a Camelot Rose

“Camelot” rose (Rosa “Camelot”), a grandiflora hybrid tea rose with double coral pink blossoms, thrives in United States Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 3b to 10b. The stems grow up to five feet tall in a dense tree form, with each stem capable of supporting three blossoms. Like many hybrid tea roses, “Camelot” increased […]