10 Beautiful Bathrooms for Kids

I have perhaps the tiniest chip on my shoulder about kids’ room decoration. My pet peeve is photos of children’s rooms which are only too great and tidy and design-y to be even remotely real. I am all for aspirational photography, and that I understand that the room must look its best for design shots. […]

Fantasy Kids' Rooms

Designers seem divided on the dilemma of theme rooms for children. On the 1 hand, they’ll probably outgrow the theme in a couple of decades. On the other hand, they are SO MUCH FUN until they do! Themed rooms for kiddos aren’t limited to bedrooms; playrooms, rec rooms, finished basements and playhouses can all take […]

Oriental Rugs Past the Living Room

Asian carpets are a stalwart of research, the family room and den. Itis a look I adore, (heck, my own livingroom has one!), but in less probably environs, the carpets are equally or even more more powerful. Consider throwing a vibrant carpet of blues and reds down in the kitchen, bedroom, even the bath, to […]

Exactly how We Use Space

Back in a former existence, I worked to get an organization that employed anthropology to do product development study and promotion. It turned out to be a work that is great and that I learned a lot about knowing and observation human character. The the equipment I discovered while working at that work actually came […]