10 Structures That Whisper of Wonder

What is it about small buildings that can be so endearing? Could it be the way that they are able to conjure, to paraphrase William Blake, a universe in a grain of sand? Is it devoid of only the most basic utility, they could be explorations of ideas past the need for”this and that”? Or […]

Wallpaper for Dreamy and Dark Bedrooms

Painting the room a dark colour can be scary, but utilizing a dark background is even more terrifying. So why would anyone do so? Since the benefits are amazing. You’re able to yield terrific results and make an insanely cozy retreat by installing dark background in your bedroom. The blend of a deep colour and […]

Inventive Design: L-Shaped Windows

For the most part, doors and windows are rectangular openings, either inserted into walls independently or as part of a bigger system (e.g. a curtain wall) which are also rectangular. This silhouette is rooted in traditional architecture and construction, but it is surely not the only way to articulate openings. One rarely used contour that […]

Thought of the Week: Tiny Office Above the Staircase

While renovating a small 3-bedroom bungalow to get a customer, Nick Stratichuk of JCS Renovation ran into trouble when attempting to locate space for a workplace. The owners were a professional couple who wanted to get a place to work at home from time to time. Space was limited, and the couple did not need […]

Home Tech: Speakers Matter (and May Look Good, Too)

When we speak about home electronics, it’s typically about TVs and home theater. But there is much more to the topic. Home audio is among the most overlooked subjects. But rest assured — noise things. Not everybody has a TV, and most TV viewers have a love/hate relationship with their screens. Audio fans are not […]

Design Dilemma: My Living Room Needs Revamping!

My favorite thing about Houzz: When somebody posts a Style Dilemma about the Questions board, the Houzz community chimes in, and the poster comes back to reveal the results. Case in point: Back in January, Houzz user and artist lilbirdfly, a.k.a. Kim, didn’t know where to start when decorating her dining area, so she submitted […]