Dry-Brushing Glazing Techniques

Tinted glaze is a not-so-secret material utilized for faux finishing that can help add a sense of depth and dimension to your project. Dry-brush techniques use a dry or mainly dry brush to either remove or apply glaze into the piece, letting you create unique visual textures over an otherwise smooth surface. The end result […]

Could I Paint a Design on My Kitchen Backsplash?

Rather than replacing an old or dull kitchen backsplash, give it a fresh new look with painted designs. Anything’s possible with paint — out of chevrons to triangles, vines and fleur de lis designs. Paint with the assistance of stencils or painter’s tape if the idea of freehand painting seems frightening. Keys to Success A […]

DIY Tiled Tables

A table that’s too dull to live near your couch or one that’s badly weathered from seasons on your patio wants a makeover that is tile-and-mortar. The results are spectacular, although Including a tile shirt is complicated. Make a mosaic out of plates or bits of tilecreate a pattern or design — such as a […]

Halloween Chair Cover Thoughts

Incorporate the celebration seating in your Halloween home decor by dressing the chairs up in cute or scary covers fitting to the occasion. You can use cheap pillowcases or felt sheets since the basic cover stuff, without any sewing machine required. Guests may use the chairs, so keep the decorations and embellishments limited to the […]

How to Use a High Ceiling

To start with, consider yourself lucky. Many homeowners would be thrilled to have a decorating problem like high ceilings. However, I get it. Rooms with sufficient headroom for an ogre require special attention (as if they didn’t already get sufficient). Sure, monuments, cathedrals and statues work on a grand scale to make a sense of […]

An Ingenious Entire-Apartment 'Crack' in Greece

As opposed to purchase a bunch of furniture for their new rented apartment, Panagiotis Chatzitsakyris and Stelina Tsifti built it — each bit. They adored this open and bright third-floor unit in Greece, but the lack of architectural detail was discouraging. As tenants they could not remodel anything, so they made their furniture as building […]

What Kind of Bedskirt Goes With a Matalesse Scalloped Quilt?

The elevated layouts on matelasse bedspreads exhibit many different patterns, from layouts that are straightforward that are homey to consequences. A bedskirt echoes the curving scallops or supplies a linear look In case the bedspread has a scalloped edge. A subtle, textural impact is created when smooth bedskirt fabric contrasts with the dimensional, matelasse pattern, […]

Can Not Find the Right Wallpaper? Make Your Own

Searching for the perfect background for your home, but just can’t appear to locate it? Consider making your own. Due to digital printing technologies, it’s now simple and affordable to generate custom wallpaper from an original artwork, photograph or computer-generated picture. “As long as you’re able to create an electronic picture from it, we can […]