When do you begin Putting Out Fall Decorations?

In the Northern Hemisphere, drop begins around the last week of September, but the autumnal equinox does not necessarily correspond to the day you begin taking out your fall decor. Even though you won’t find a hard, speedy rule for cosmetic seasonal transition, waiting for the opportune moment to begin celebrating fall validates your style […]

Design Calendar: April 12–May 3, 2012

Get inspired by the works of some of country’s finest artisans at the Smithsonian Craft Show at D.C. or the stylings of high decorators at a West Coast show house. Or head to Santa Barbara, California, to celebrate Cliff May’s innovative ranch houses. Read on for information about these events and much more things to […]

Block-Printed Textiles Add Good Style

Recently it feels as if you can not turn your mind without finding a trend alert or a fabric line inspired by block printing. This ancient Indian method has been around for centuries, however the trend gives us another chance to check at several methods of using hand-blocked fabric. Galbraith & Paul Hand-Blocked Fabric, Galbraith […]

Design Calendar: Jan. 27-Feb. 17, 2012

If you’re a fan of Mid-century Modern, you won’t need to miss Palm Spring’s 7th annual Modernism Week. See Frank Sinatra’s expansive piano-shaped pool, or watch the latest Eames documentary as you take in the desert’s signature decorative. Head to sunny Orlando, Florida and see the latest in building materials and trends, and listen to […]

6 Best Design Events: Oct. 14-Nov. 4, 2011

Jetset to Japan for Tokyo Designers Week to observe the latest in product and interior design, or view the way design and food intersect in Chicago. Discover what’s new in home furnishings in the famous High Point Market Week at North Carolina, or Get a handmade treat from the Fall Crafts in Chelsea fair. If […]

Reduce It 4 Ways to Get Rid of Your Old Carpet

Getting started appears to be the most difficult part of any dwelling update. There appears to be a little something in the way. And when dingy, old carpets or rugs are plaguing parts of your house, trying to work out exactly how to eliminate them can often prevent you from purchasing something new. Americans put […]

Punch Up Your Shelving

A great way to bring a touch of color or pattern to a space is by lining the trunk of bookshelves and built-ins with paint, fabric or wallpaper. Adding this contrasting element draws the eye on the area and at the same time highlights the objects displayed on the shelves. Dufner Heighes Inc The green […]

7 More Spots to Get Your Classic Fix

Do a google-search for classic furniture store that is “, the outcomes as well as ” could be overwhelming. How in the world are you likely to filter the tasteful in the tacky if you have a large number of leads to pore over? That Is Why the reason why we decided to do a […]

Mosaics Bring an Ancient Art Form House

I dropped for artwork mosaics and that I dropped hard after I stood beneath the magnificent ceilings of St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome for the first time. How can I I not when you take into account they’ve been a bearing cosmetic art type for the greater portion of the 5,000 years ? Having a […]