Home Tech: Movie Night on the Patio

Summer is waning, but that’s no reason to move indoors. With the right setup, we could enjoy some of autumn’s most anticipated pleasures — soccer — right in our backyards. Fall is my favourite season, and for many like me in the Midwest, it’s time to take advantage of every precious minute outside before the […]

5 Ingredients to a Romantic Bedroom

Is your bedroom intimate? I was recently asked by a journalist to present my input for making a romantic bedroom. I said that so as to make a completely seductive space we will need to arouse our five senses: touch, sight, smell, hearing and taste. I asked a few of my friends for their views, […]

9 Window Chairs That Command Attention

I spent my childhood dreaming about having a window seat. (Well, that and having a wrap-around porch with a swing. I am pretty sure I am a hopeless romantic who belongs in the Victorian age ). I never got you — still do not own one — but I am willing to live vicariously through […]