Financial Advice of Credit

Establishing home equity is essential to the wealth-creation procedure, as it clarifies the gap between your property value and any associated mortgage loans. Home equity increases as you repay housing debt and home values grow. From that point, you may borrow against this equity with a home equity line of credit (HELOC) as a financial […]

Deadly Character in 1,000 Square Feet

Creating an environment that feeds your artistic spirit in a rental townhouse is a tall order. For both Brandon and Rebecca Tourino Collinsworth, artwork, music and self-expression will be the crucial elements of a family home in their terms. “I think for us the largest challenge is preventing that generic impression on a tight budget,” […]

Tudor Cottage in the Heart of Texas

With three days to find a home Rhonda Blair created her record of must-haves sweet and short. “I told my realtor I needed three things: flow, light and hardwood floors,” she states. Luck favors the brave, and a fast search landed her a Tudor-style home that fit all three of her standards. New paint in […]

Guest Picks: Animal Accesories

These domestic animals are extremely low-maintenance and have a terrific aesthetic. And, like actual domestic animals, they welcome one home after a hard day’s work. If it were up to me, the recent embellish-your-home-with-animals fad would continue another 10 decades. Enjoy! — Marlous from Planet Fur Snug Snug.Bear – EUR 19.90 Do not play with […]