The Way to Fix Furniture With Uneven Polyurethane Coating

Oil- and – water-based polyurethane finishes provide a tough, clear coating to protect hardwood floors, walls and furniture. This product is somewhat lean as a liquid, which makes it rather easy to use over wood surfaces. The lean consistency also makes it easy for employed excesses to dry and run unevenly. Manufacturers advocate applying polyurethane […]

How to Make a Boy's Bedroom Smell Better

Snips and snails and puppy dog tails may be what little boys are made of, or therefore the nursery rhyme says. But by the smell of things, it might seem that boys — or at least their bedrooms — are made of gym shorts, wearing gear and dirty socks. If this distinctive “boy odor” is […]

The way to Repair Leather Chair Arms

It is really a double-edged sword: Leather is tougher than other upholstery materials and much easier to wash when you’ve got pets and children. Unfortunately, it’s also vulnerable to punctures, scratches and splitting, along with slices and fading. Much of the harm is not difficult to avoid if you condition your leather seat frequently and […]

How to Change the Colour of Your Bedroom Dresser

One of the fastest, easiest and least expensive ways to give your bedroom a new look is to change the color scheme. New linens, window treatments and carpets are the most obvious quick-change options, but if you want to carry your bedroom all the way from blah to “ta-da,” change the color of the furniture, […]