Bananas for Fertilizing Roses

Roses need numerous nutrients to prosper. One of these enzymes is potassium. Among the greatest sources of potassium for the two humans and roses is that the banana. As you can not get away with fertilizing rose plants with only bananas, adding leftover peels to the ground around your rose bushes provides a boost of potassium necessary for healthy, beautiful blooms.

How Potassium Helps Roses

Potassium, otherwise called potash, boosts an increased’s immune system, providing it with additional protection against disease and insect damage. In addition, it helps the plant survive damaging climate situations, such as drought and frost. Plants that don’t get enough potassium will likely have weak stems, underdeveloped buds and yellow leaves with brown edges.

Adding Banana Peels During Planting

Two or even three banana peels added to this ground will provide newly planted roses an early benefit. Put a chopped banana peel at the at the bottom of the hole before placing the plant in and blend the remainder in with compost and soil around the new plant. Watering the dirt well afterward helps the peels start to break. Besides this banana peels, a commercial fertilizer of 5-10-10 from the spring will support new growth.

Adding Banana Peels to Established Roses

The simplest approach to increase potassium for established rose plants is to dump a banana peel on the ground next to the base of this plant. Chopping the peel will lessen the time it requires the peel to break, making the potassium accessible to your plant sooner. Adding banana peels to your compost bin improves the richness of this compost you add to all your plants.

Additional Nutrients Roses Want

Nitrogen and phosphorus are also critical for increased development. Both of these nutrients are often included with potassium in commercial compounds formulated for roses. Calcium strengthens cell walls and magnesium leads to increased flower production, brighter blossoms and dark green leaves. Coffee grounds added to the ground supply nitrogen, magnesium and potassium for roses. Animal manure is a great source of phosphorous.

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