Guest Groups: Picnic Fixings

The sun and flowering blossoms beg my family to head out-of-doors this time of season, and so a lot of our gatherings become impromptu picnics. Each year I’d like to inventory a picnic basket with essentials so we can just toss in the food and proceed. I have gathered these ideas to help streamline my […]

Designer Sketch: David Howell

When he is not finishing Manhattan loft spaces for Facebook and Google executives, designing the newest Coach flagship shop or working at a boutique hotel in Brooklyn with walls swathed in graffiti and antiques, architect and New Zealand native David Howell continues his silent mission of creating the world more interesting and unique, one job […]

Design Calendar: May 10–May 31, 2012

Those in the U.K. searching for that extra special thing to grow their house can take a look at the Clerkenwell Design Week to find goods right from the showroom. On American shores, the San Francisco Bay Area’s Maker Faire encourages creative tinkering. Beneath, our five choices from all over the world of things to […]

Designer's Touch: Boost Your Home's Curb Appeal

Life is all about first impressions, and this is as true of homes as it is of people. Your house’s positive physical appearance from the street is known as curb appeal. What does your house say to those passing by? Try these professional designer recommendations to enhance character and charm at the same time you […]