Calfornia Home Inspection License Prerequisites

As of August, 2010 doesn’t have any permit requirement for conducting home inspections. In 1996, the state enacted the Trade Practice Act, outlined in chapter 338 of this nation’s business and professional code. The code prohibits inspectors from certain unethical inspection activities, such as contracting to complete repair work on a property within 12 months […]

Do You Sale Commercial Real Estate?

A real estate short sale is the procedure for selling real property in a cost below the amount outstanding on an present mortgage loan. Short sales happen when the market value of property falls under the outstanding balance on the mortgage . A real estate owner in such a position typically is said to be”underwater” […]

Who Owns My Mortgage?

Mortgage notes change hands several times six months to one year after they are shut. Lenders are expected to tell you if your servicer, the company you make your payments to, changes. If the owner of your loan changes, they are not required to notify you. Frequently the servicer receives a servicing fee by the […]

The Way to Buy Condo Insurance

Condominium insurance–also referred to as an HO-6 policy–differs from typical homeowner’s insurance. Most condo institutions handle the responsibility for insuring exterior building walls and common areas in the complex, as well as insuring for property damage and liability coverage for accidents occurring in shared areas such as stairwells or paths. Typical condominium insurance insures your […]