Review of the Ryobi ZRRY30550

The Ryobi RY30550, also called the SS30, is a gas-powered string trimmer with a straight drive shaft. As of 2014, Ryobi no longer sells the RY30550; it is replaced in the newer product lineup with all the low-emission 30 cc RY28140. Used and reconditioned SS30 models might be found on the secondary market. Engine The […]

Natural Gas Vs. Propane Pool Heaters

Gas-fired pool heaters pack a powerful punch and will heat your pool’s water quickly. Gas heaters may run on either natural gas or propane, and although both gasoline will create your pool only as warm and comfy as another, differences in the energy content, distribution methods and cost of each fuel type may make one […]

Toro Weed Wacker Fuel Ratio

The Toro Company provides two gas-powered trimmers, frequently referred to as weed whackers, to assist homeowners maintain their lawn trimmed. Both lightweight models feature a complete crank, 25.4-cc two-cycle engine layout for balanced handling. The trimmers use a blend of two-cycle and gas engine lubricant, held in an 18-ounce gas tank. Mix up it The […]

What Utilities Can You Pay for in a Home?

When you move into a home, you probably have a budget in mind for the mortgage, taxes, insurance and other costs associated with homeownership. When budgeting, remember the utilities. If you are moving from an apartment or even a smaller house into a larger home, expect the costs of your utilities to grow. The vital […]

How High Off the Ground If a Water Heater Be?

Distance requirements for water heater setup are based on safety. As an example, the minimum distance in the ground is intended to prevent fires and explosions if a flammable material is spilled on the ground near the water heater. This condition applies to gasoline components, not electrical ones, because gasoline requires a flame along with […]

Rubber Mulch Review

Move over, organic Snack: There is a new kid in the park and in the garden. Since rubber mulch hit the market,  it has been highly debated among horticulturalists, safety experts and environmentalists. Made from shredded tires, rubber mulch saves space in landfills and also preserves trees. However, some people would say that there are as […]