8 Tips for a Supremely Organized Winter Garage

Mountains of snow on the horizon imply that shovels, snow blowers, skis and more are all about to come out of the woodwork. Prepare suitably for the daily use of winter equipment and gear by becoming your garage in tip-top shape today. An organized garage that functions as a functional storage space will keep everything […]

Composite Lumber

Plank for plank, composite beats out natural wood in all but two manners: the initial cost of the material is higher, and it has a plastic appearance. On the other hand, it comes in a variety of shades and finishes, and it is built to last more than decades of harsh conditions without sealing or […]

3 Home Features to Boost Accessibility

While your family members might not call for any changes to your home right now, think about those seeing your property. Perhaps you have friends, parents, grandparents or other people with mobility devices. Including the following three accessibility features will make your home easier for them to visit. A minumum of one zero-step entrance on […]

A New Dallas Build Handles Family Life Beautifully

An expansive living room, generous windows, a gorgeous old pine tree and a central outdoor space combine to create this stunning Dallas refuge for Scott and Melissa Powell’s family room. The Powells, who own and run New Leaf Construction, bought the home for their business but immediately found it as the ideal spot to build […]

Create a Location for Inspiration

I will have a leap of faith and suppose if you’re surfing through this website, you’ve got creative juices which need continuous inspirational stimulation. A lot people have our photographed style blogs, our ideabooks and Tumblr accounts, and a virtual archive of pictures and design ideas which inspire us in our daily lives. However, isn’t […]

Graceful Decorations for Traditional Dining Room Walls

The dining room could be about food, however your plate presentation isn’t the one thing which may be arty about the distance. Beautiful paintings, bold wallpapers and eye-catching mirrors may contribute to a traditional dining area that’s as much about sight as it’s about taste. Listed below are a couple methods to incorporate artistic elements […]

Mike Brady Lied to Me

I was inducted into architectural college by Mike Brady. I do not tell this story to many individuals, largely because it makes me seem suspect. But it’s true. In the summer of 1987 I decided to change majors from engineering to design. I was always good at math and science, and my dad was an […]

Mass or mix Daisies for 2 Great Garden Looks

When designing a garden, there are many decisions to make and hundreds of options to consider when placing plants. To begin with, you have to place plants in which they will actually increase. This is exactly what distinguishes garden layout from any other form of design: Every choice affects a living thing. When you’ve thought […]