Rubber Mulch Review

Move over, organic Snack: There is a new kid in the park and in the garden. Since rubber mulch hit the market,  it has been highly debated among horticulturalists, safety experts and environmentalists. Made from shredded tires, rubber mulch saves space in landfills and also preserves trees. However, some people would say that there are as […]

Perennial Low-Growing Flowers

Low-growing perennial flowers make a significant impact with their short stature. These versatile plants have various uses in gardens including as ground cover or a pellet plant. When choosing low-growing perennial flowers, consider the area they’ll increase in. As an instance, plant perennials for full sun in regions of the garden which get eight or […]

How to Recycle Pavers

Pavers are often chosen for hardscapes due to their durability, but they are able to break and substances become dated, so you might need to replace your old pavers. They may be very heavy, amounting to hard work and higher cost if you would like to simply dispose of them. Instead of throwing them off, […]

How to Wash Dirt Off Scotchgarded Upholstered Furniture

Scotchgard is a brand of fabric protection products from the 3M Company. It is possible to spray a consumer-grade version of Scotchgard onto your upholstery to safeguard it from routine dirt and dirt, but many furniture-makers provide upholstered couches and seats which are factory pre-treated with a more powerful commercial version of the product. Both […]

How to Transplant Big Shrubs in Pots

Large potted shrubs might need transplanting since they’re new, recently bought plants grown in ultra nursery containers. Or, they might have been growing in the same big container for a while and it’s time to transfer them into a larger container or into the garden. While awkward, transplanting large potted shrubs doesn’t have to be […]

How to Keep Pillows From Getting Lumpy in the Washer

Even if the maintenance label indicates the pillow is machine washable, there’s no guarantee the pillow will come from the wash feeling or looking like it did before washing. To keep a pillow from getting lumpy, wash it with different items like another pillow to ensure a balanced load. The secret to preventing lumpy pillows […]

Growing Baby Sunflower Sprouts From Seed

Growing sunflower (Helianthus annuus) sprouts from seeds yields delicious microgreens with little space and energy. Grown at a sunny windowsill, nutritious baby sunflower sprouts are ready in about one week. Planted outside in gardens or containers, annual sunflower seeds sprout in the same short time period. Thin garden sprouts for healthy snacks and carbohydrates, and […]

Is a Rubber Tree Poisonous to Pets?

Rubber trees are common houseplants but also develop outdoors in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 10 through 12. Whether or not a rubber tree is poisonous to pets is contingent upon the sort of tree. Some kinds of rubber trees are harmless, while others are toxic to cats and dogs. Indoor cats, more […]

How to Kill Weed Seeds at Cow Manure

Although cow manure is a superb source of nitrogen and nutrients for the soil, it is also a source of weed seeds and pathogens, like Escherichia coli and salmonella. Composting the manure in a hot compost pile kills both the weed seeds and bacteria, making it safe to be used in the garden. Despite its […]

Can I Dust Rose Bushes With Sulfur Powder?

Ancient Greek poet Homer famous sulfur’s”pest-averting” qualities in 1000 B.C.. From the mid-1800s, the substance was being used by vineyards. Nowadays, garden sulfur dust is still widely utilized in the organic grower’s arsenal to fight fungal diseases of roses (Rosa spp.) . Whether you opt to dust the increased or utilize a wettable powder blended […]