10 New Beautiful Cabinet Ideas for Your Kitchen

If you are looking to remodel your kitchen, one of the major things that you should change are the painting Fort Collins, CO.

These are the hottest cabinet trends for 2018 that are very likely to last for many years to come.

Embossed Fronts

Who said your cabinet fronts have to be flat surfaced? Add more texture and variety to your kitchen by going for cabinets that have been embossed with patterns.

Jewel Tones

If you want a long-term look that will shake up your kitchen and give you a luxurious feel, go for jewel tones. This includes using classic jewel tones like sapphire and emerald. They will last longer than using colors like pink or orange that will only be good for a season, and then will need to be changed again.


This is for those who want more color in their kitchen but don’t want jewel tones. Many people are starting to be interested in this hue this year.

Mesh Inserts

Even though open shelving or glass shelves might give an airy and spacey feel, metallic inserts can help you keep things more discrete. It can give someone a peek into what’s behind the shelves without bearing it all out in the open. Best used for upper shelves.


If you are serious about your cooking and you want to give your kitchen that industrial ready to cook look, then metallic Fort Collins painters are the thing for you. You can have metallic drawers and doors. Add a touch of gold, bronze or brass to the finishing if you don’t want a completely metallic look.

High Gloss in Dark Tones

If you want to achieve a glossy look, you can go for lacquered cabinets. You can go for a color like charcoal gray. This will bring out the deep mirror-like appearance of your cabinets.


Gray is the new white. If you would like a light and airy look but you are tired of white, gray is a good substitute or gray-beige. Go for different variations of gray, such as charcoal gray to coal gray. These colors can complement wooden floors and shelves.

Sliding Doors

This style has been quite popular when it comes to interior décor and is now being adapted for kitchen painters Fort Collins, CO. It’s a great way to make a style statement, and a good way to make good use of space.

This look can work in modern house, as well as in barn style kitchens. It gives a tidy and fun style gallery look.

Mixing Modern and Traditional Styles

Who said you had to choose between a modern and traditional look? Nowadays, most people are choosing to have a mix of both worlds. Mix and match your traditional and modern looks to get a rich and inviting space that’s full of character in your kitchen.


Create a sophisticated look with a bold, black color. Mix it up with a bit of white and it won’t look so harsh and gothic.