Guest Picks: Animal Accesories

These domestic animals are extremely low-maintenance and have a terrific aesthetic. And, like actual domestic animals, they welcome one home after a hard day’s work. If it were up to me, the recent embellish-your-home-with-animals fad would continue another 10 decades. Enjoy!
— Marlous from Planet Fur


Snug.Bear – EUR 19.90

Do not play with your food; let Snug do it! Snug.Bear is a breadboard, and there are a hippo and a fighter accessible. I really like clean and simple layouts in this way.

Darling Clementine

Woodland Accessories Tray

I must have about a hundred trays by now, and I do not even use them. This one needs to be in my collection, however, like I love foxes. Or I could mount it to the wall just because it is so amazing.


Qualy Bird Coat Hooks – EUR 14.95

These hooks are just darn cute — nothing more, nothing less.


‘Little Elephant’ Tablecloth – EUR 39.95

Jurianne Matter is the designer supporting this stunning elephant fabric. This tablecloth is so amazing I would leave it on the dinner table indefinitely.

Petit Pan

Sea Horse Lamp – EUR 72

One can not own enough lights particularly when it is a sexy pink seahorse light!


Cats Wallpaper – GBP 120

I really like the minty green colour of the background by Baines and Fricker. If your home is on the edge, cover all walls in an area with it, or pay only one wall as a whimsical touch.

Donna Wilson

Use My Tail Squirrel Tea Towel – GBP 11.20

Everything Donna Wilson layouts is amazing. Animals seem to be a recurring motif in her work, and I love that she does that. Use this squirrel’s tail to dry your dishes.

Rk Layout

Tiger states Meow! Poster – EUR 30

If a person ever strains a tiny tiger, I will be the first to take it all home. I imagine it roaming my home meowing all of the time. ‘Til that joyful day, I’ll settle with this cute “kitty” instead.


Bunny Koziol Hooks, Transparent Plum – EUR 9.45

The great thing about those Koziol hooks is that you can replace them without even leaving holes or sticky residue onto a surface. I mounted this one on the side of my fridge and use it to hold some of my classic potholders.


Origami Bluebird Patchwork Pouffe by Fun Makes Great Shop – $278

This pouf is origami-inspired and handmade from leather and cotton. I adore its geometric shapes. The great thing about a pouf is the fact that it does not need much space. Plus, it can be utilized in so many ways: as a fast sidetable, as somewhere to put your feet after a long day in the workplace and as an excess stool when you throw a party.


Royal VKB Coasters, Grum – EUR 12.95

This is really a coaster. His name is Grum. He protects your table from hot pans, and that would not love the design?


Bob Duvet – EUR 89.95

Meet Bob. Bob enjoys long walks, stealing your sandwich, sniffing fences and resting on your bed, for ever and ever.


View From Here Twist – $20

Even a very simple object like a hook should appear beautiful. Let this powerful giraffe take care of your handbag, jacket or scarf while you enjoy being home.

Store Without a House

Animal Cup, Dog – EUR 17.95

Yes, that’s right. You may become a national animal while you drink your tea. These cups are so funny! The snouts of a rabbit, cat and bunny are also available.

Bend Seating Cub Geometric Animal Head – $99

I adore the animal-friendly trophy trend! Bend has “bended” the organic shape of a cub for this engineered design. I can totally imagine it in my entryway.

Sanna Annukka

Soul Bird 2011

This bird is a so-called “Soul Bird,” since it protects a individual’s soul in its most vulnerable: if it is dreaming. Keep it by your bedside, and your fantasies will be amazing, guaranteed!

Een Nieuw Avontuur

Letter Opener, Birdie – EUR 7.95

The design of the paper knife is, very understandably, an award-winning one. Though snail mail is becoming scarcer, this bird is still the ideal accessory for your desk.


Self-interest Qualy Water Flowerpot Squirrel – $29.95

This self-watering flowerpot has been on my wish list for ages. The squirrel tells you how much water is in the pot by moving out from the top to the bottom of the hole. This is the best mixture of functionality and beauty.

Ferm Living Shop

Bird Cage Tea Towel – $19

In my opinion, birds should not be locked in cages. But because this is a really bird-friendly cage, I’m letting it in this collection. It is functional and fabulous, and made from 100-percent cotton.

Donna Wilson

Badger Cushion, Blue – GBP 72.50

Recall my obsession with Donna Wilson’s work? I’m still dying to become the proprietor of one of her amazing cushions. This one could be so ideal for my couch. One day!

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