8 Home Security Tips

Crime is a part of modern society that affects most of us. However, you can protect your home and everything inside it from potential danger by being proactive. The following tips include some basic handyman Naperville IL practices that you can carry out to ensure a safer home environment for your family and loved ones.

Landscape with Safety in Mind

Take a walk around the landscaping surrounding your home to check for any security loopholes that criminals might use as a way in, and be sure to clean up overgrown areas too.

Know Your Neighbors

Home security is a team effort. It’s important to get to know your neighbors and people living along your street so that you can form a camaraderie that encourages you all to look out for each other’s home security.

Consult with the Local Police

Request your local police to do a handyman Naperville inspection and spot any gaps in your security that may need improvement. Their visit might also provide you with valuable insight into the overall safety of your neighborhood.

Choose the Right Lighting

You want your home to have enough lighting and visibility to deter criminals from trying their luck. Investing in motion sensor lights, smart light bulbs, and automatic timers is a practical way to make your home more secure.

Develop a Security Routine

While it may seem excessive to some, developing a security routine can go a long way in improving your handyman services Naperville IL. The routine should consist of taking consistent actions, such as making sure that all windows are closed, doors are locked and alarms are activated before you leave the house. Also, don’t leave your keys outside because thieves already know all the hiding places that people use for their spare keys.

Keep Your Purchases Secret

Sometimes burgles will stake out your house in the hopes that you’ll get something expensive delivered, only to steal it as soon as it’s placed on your porch. So, it’s a good idea to request that the delivery person asks for a signature upon arrival or reroute your deliveries if you know that you won’t be home when they get delivered. Also, don’t carelessly throw away boxes for new purchases, as that might also attract unwanted attention.

Protect Outdoor Valuables

It’s not only the indoor furniture and appliances that burglars are attracted to. Sometimes, they specifically target outdoor spaces like your garage or garden shed, which might house expensive equipment. You’ll do well to ensure that valuables such as bicycles, grills, lawn mowers and other items are under lock and key when not in use.

Have a Plan for When You Are Away

You should develop a plan to follow when you go away for vacation or business trips so that it doesn’t become obvious that you’re not at home. The plan could include things like putting a stop order on your mail and paper delivery, organizing lawn mowing or snow removal to continue while you’re gone. You can also request a neighbor or a friend to check for flyers and remove any that they find. This way burglars won’t find out that you’re not home.