Backyard Landscaping Ideas

Although it’s out of sight most of the time, your backyard is still a pivotal part of your home’s overall design. It also needs some TLC to ensure that it’s inviting enough for the whole family to enjoy. Whether you want your backyard to be a simple lawn for your kids and dogs to play in, or a colorful place with a fully-fledged garden, planning and executing your Chico landscaping is very important in ensuring that you get to enjoy it to the fullest.

Here are some awesome ideas to show you how to achieve an amazing backyard landscaping:

Add Planters

You can use carefully placed planters to enhance your backyard landscaping Chico, CA in both texture and architectural dimension. The planters can be of any length that you like, and will look very striking and attractive when placed among vibrant colors, like contemporary metal pipe planters.

Create Unique Beds

Contrary to popular belief, there is no limitation to the type of backyard beds that you can create, and if sod and mulch don’t work for that Caribbean beach inspired backyard idea that you have, then you can create your backyard bed using sand and you can frame it with colorful flowers and maybe a palm tree or two if the size of your plot allows.

Just be sure to use good quality sand with proper drainage, like sharp sand or builder’s sand, and avoid river sand because it doesn’t have the drainage capacity required to maintain the type of backyard you’re looking to create. A hammock is the perfect addition to finish off your tropical backyard landscaping.


You can create a private pathway within your backyard garden using materials like reclaimed wood or pebble stones or both. Make the path interesting by giving it clear direction from one part of the backyard garden to the other. Just be sure to measure it accurately so that walkers have a 7-inch height clearance to prevent walking into tree branches, and a width of 2’ is usually enough space for one person to walk through, while 5’ is the ideal width for a two-person walkway.

Sculpted Shrubs

Well-manicured shrubs lend a very neat and clean look to any backyard, and this can be achieved by pruning the edges so that they’re wider at the bottom, as this makes it easier for the sun to reach the roots and enable new growth. Nevertheless, hedge shrubs are available in numerous shapes like pyramids, square shapes, and even animal shapes if that’s what you like.

Flower Boxes

If you live in an urban setting where you don’t have access to a conventional backyard space, but still want to do Chico landscape for your backyard, try customized flower boxes. These come in different sizes and styles, and they allow for anyone to grow flowers of their choice, no matter how seemingly incompatible they are with their environment. Hardy plants to go along with the flowers are always a good idea, as is the ideal placement of the flower boxes, which gives them the required amount of sunshine that they need.