Block-Printed Textiles Add Good Style

Recently it feels as if you can not turn your mind without finding a trend alert or a fabric line inspired by block printing. This ancient Indian method has been around for centuries, however the trend gives us another chance to check at several methods of using hand-blocked fabric.

Galbraith & Paul

Hand-Blocked Fabric, Galbraith & Paul

Play with color and scale. From the Galbraith & Paul studio in Pennsylvania, cloths are block-printed by hand since they are in India.

One of my favorite things about hand-blocked cloths is how versatile and unexpected they are sometimes. If you figure out how to play with scale and color and know how to mix and match, then you can do pretty much anything with them.

Tom Scheerer Incorporated

Add a feminine touch. In a country home in Pennsylvania, Tom Scheerer utilizes a paisley hand-blocked print on a bed canopy. The fabric feels feminine and airy, and it helps marry the two main colors in this gorgeous bedroom: red and cream.

John Robshaw Textiles

Create a welcoming feeling. John Robshaw is known for using Indian-inspired fabrics, especially block-printed fabric; he has a fabric line inspired by it. In his otherwise quite manly home in Connecticut, the designer dresses a bedroom in hand-blocked fabric ranging from purple to pink, developing a sense of welcome.

Rooms and Words

Mix cloths. Can you think this chamber belongs to a teenager? Designer Daniel Sachs artfully combines different patterns and colors on the drape and on the upholstered desk and seat, giving this job nook a sophisticated and feminine vibe.

Heather ODonovan Interior Design

Don’t be afraid to mix block-printed fabric with other designs and fashions. This hand-blocked shade looks great together with the mustard floral background and a patterned rug because they all have the identical silver color in common.


Here, four different patterns make a bedroom, from the spring-box cover to the habit hand-blocked wallpaper. The secret in balancing the components of this room is located in maintaining the identical colorway and making sure the scale and distance of each pattern is different.

Michael S. Smith Inc..

Pair cloths with timber. Michael Smith’s bedroom has all of the makings of a traditional space: a timber dresser, an Oriental rug and needless to say, that the block-printed bed duplex, that matches with the bed skirt and manages to be traditional without being stuffy.

Crosby Street Hotel

Marry different layout styles. This tall headboard at the Crosby Street Hotel in London merges masculine style with a contemporary soul. To make hand-blocked fabric look present, maintain it monotone (the colors in the area are pulled out of those in the fabric), use straight lines (such as the ones from the dresser and background) and play with proportions. This headboard is not anything near predictable.

Decorator and blogger Lauren Leonard utilized hand-blocked napkins to make these charming cushions with linen backing. I think they look wonderful paired with ikat and gingham cushions.

Alexandra Angle Interior Design

Add just a touch. Hand-blocked fabrics don’t have to dominate your distance. Block-printed cushions blend seamlessly to this Cape Cod–fashion living room by Alexandra Angle, and because they are just cushions, you can put them away anytime.

Smith & Vansant Architects PC

A different way to incorporate block-printed fabric into your room is using a lampshade. This drum shade lends pattern to the dining area without overwhelming the otherwise neutral area.

Lauren Liess Interiors

You can DIY. See this gorgeous block-printed canopy? It is actually a stenciled drop cloth. Designer Lauren Liess created lots of the appearance for her kid’s nursery using imagination, a timber block and inspiration.

Prudent Baby

Above is a traditional DIY project. Prudent Baby blogger Jami gave her backyard a total makeover and block-printed a chevron pattern on her backyard seat. I like the idea of using block printing for a contemporary pattern.

ers, tell us Can you bring hand-blocked fabric to your property? And do you attempt to handle any of the above mentioned DIY ideas?

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