Fantasy Kids' Rooms

Designers seem divided on the dilemma of theme rooms for children. On the 1 hand, they’ll probably outgrow the theme in a couple of decades. On the other hand, they are SO MUCH FUN until they do! Themed rooms for kiddos aren’t limited to bedrooms; playrooms, rec rooms, finished basements and playhouses can all take a theme too.

Just Joh

Although this area has an elaborate pirate theme, in addition, it includes an exotic, intricately carved covered bed that appeals to all ages. It’s probably not only the little ones who like to curl up for a nap or reading period in this area.

Schrader & Companies

This tunnel contributes to a secret Alice in Wonderland playroom, complete with strange proportions, sized for children only. Watch the rest of this fantasy fort

Cara Woodhouse Interiors LLC

This rec room is ideal for little Gretzkys in instruction.

DIN Interiorismo

These beds are linked by a bridge that children can climb over …

DIN Interiorismo

… or hang out from.

Kate Jackson Design

No rainstorm will prevent the children in this home from getting some swingset fun, since theirs is indoors! Make sure you work with a professional to install swings into the right beams for security.

Judith Balis Interiors

Have you been nurturing a budding Oscar nominee? A real stage for putting on shows, complete with comfy bean bag crowd seating, is a dream come true for little thespians.

Designing Solutions

What’s far better than an indoor basketball court? One with climbing walls.

Smith & Vansant Architects PC

This key attic is a personal space for little ones within the public spaces around the first floor. The shelves at the bottom of the ladder are all full of toys, games and books they can bring up with them.

Mayssa Al Ghawas

This design provides a playhouse indoors, a comfy bed nook, and a kid-sized house-within-a-house for all sorts of imaginative games.

Leslie Saul & Associates

Holy dots! This room is completely little girl-ified, but look closer. The oversize valances and drawer hardware can easily be switched out in the future for a more modern appearance.

Ben Dial

Cozy sleeping nooks are always a fun addition to a child’s area, plus they provide a place scaled to children’ younger bodies. This one has a enjoyable porthole window for peekaboo.

SDG Architecture, Inc..

This is the ultimate in covert forts; a treehouse complete with a retractable drawbridge.

Does your child’s room have a fun theme? Please inform us about it below.

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