Goodbye, TV — Hi, Fireplace

Many great rooms, living rooms, living rooms and bedrooms may actually become better when their layout does not focus on the television. If you have decided to place your TV above the fireplace, think about keeping it hidden so that your room revolves around your fireplace instead. Whether you employ art, mirrors or pocket doors to disguise your TV, these specialist examples can help you say goodbye to the constant sight of your television set in your room.

Heydt Designs

Decorative mirror. A mirror — if installed with pocket or folding doors — can help conceal a television with elegance. The molding and antiqued surface add extra visual interest without the look feeling too busy.

Style tip: There are hundreds of glass designs and textures available. Just take the opportunity to find one that suits your home.

Lewin Wertheimer

Painted doors. These arty Spanish colonial–style doors are in precisely the same style as the remainder of this home while hiding the television.

Design tip: Possessing a builder make doors to match and then have them expertly painted by a local artist. This is great way to encourage your community.

John Kraemer & Sons

Pocket doors. Pocket doors help this TV blend seamlessly behind built-in wooden panels. The habit remote-controlled pocket doors fold back onto themselves and then slip to the built in to maintain the view of this TV clear if necessary.

Design tip:
Pocket doors like this often demand a larger budget, as a result of mechanisms. Be sure that you’re prepared for the price before settling on this layout.

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Decorative panels. Take your inside to a completely new level with ornamental panels that conceal the television. These panels slide on a track to expose the TV screen.

Design tip: Design your own panels or choose from readymade options from a local cabinet maker. Obscured or etched glass inserts would also look fantastic.

EAG Studio

Paneled doors. These paneled doors come together effortlessly when the television is off, developing a distinguished library texture. Sliding horizontally outward on a monitor, the doors protect the bookcases once the screen is shown.

Design tip: Connect paneled doors to a digital remote control, and you are never going to need to get up again.

Gina Fitzsimmons ASID

Picture frames. For those who love displaying pictures of their loved ones, here’s a novel concept: Mat and frame some of your favorite photos, hinge them together and make a wall of art since the fireplace focal point. Twist back the panels once you have to watch some television — simple!

Design tip:
This choice involves some careful measuring and setup, but it could even be a DIY job.


Mirror TV. My favorite way of camouflaging a television is with mirror technologies. As seen here, once the TV is not in use, you find a mirror above the fireplace. But when you turn the TV on, the mirror dissipates as well as the screen becomes visible.

Design tip: Mirror kits and frames in all sizes and finishes are available for all makes and models of televisions. Consult a home media professional to purchase one for the TV.

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