Guest Groups: 20 Finds for Spring Entertaining

Spring has officially arrived, and that means more meals out! It’s such a thrill to dine alfresco after a chilly winter holed up indoors. Here are 20 things to make dining and entertaining outdoors even better. — Clara from Channeling Contessa

Pottery Barn

Galvanized Metal 6-Pack Bottle Caddy – $29.50

Bring out the drinks! From wine to water that is drinkable, this galvanized six-pack bottle caddy is ideal for transporting drinks to the table.


Rustic Italian Wine Chiller – $39.95

The spring and summertime mean a good deal of chilled rosé and wine. Maintain your bevergages cold within this gorgeous rustic Italian wine chiller.


Little Blue Moroccan Tumblers – $15.99

There is something about the warmer weather which makes me crave seasonal glassware. I like these because they have the look of seaglass and could complement any dining table.


“Pizza on the Grill” – $16

If you’ve never grilled homemade pizza, then you’re most certainly missing out. The taste of a charred crust is unbelievable. Invite a few friends to assist as making such pies requires a few added hands.


Cedar Grilling Planks – $14.95

It’s time to get the grill! It’s amazing what one can do outside the typical burgers and dogs, and I especially love these cedar plans for carrying seafood on the grill to the next level.


Checkered Tea Spoons – $24

These checkered spoons would be ideal for a spring brunch or for a round of big bowls of ice cream.


OXO Salad Spinner – $25

I’m a huge salad eater year-round, but if the weather gets warmer, I need are greens, green, greens! OXO makes such dependable salad spinners, I can not recommend them enough.

Contemporary Table Runners – $34.95

When entertaining outside, I don’t see the need for dining table decorations. That said, this aquamarine table runner supplies such a great splash of colour. Throw it on the dining table and use it all season long!


Seagrass Napkin Holder – $24.95

I can not recall an outdoor dinner party where the napkins didn’t start to blow away. This seagrass napkin holder could do a beautiful job of maintaining dinner napkins all in 1 area.

Contemporary Dinnerware Sets – $27.80

Between all of the chips, dips and appetizers you’ll be snacking , you’re going to require a pair of easy entertaining dishware. How fun are these dishes? They’d be ideal for any celebration.


Weathered Wood Garden Utensil Caddy – $49

A perfect fit for a beverage caddy, this weathered garden utensil holder makes it super easy to transport flatware to the dining table, and even functions as a centerpiece, allowing visitors to catch the utensils they require. No setting the dining table required!


Le Parfait Canister Set – $36

Oh how I have missed fresh berries! This year I’m dedicated to doing some canning so I can appreciate the taste of in-season berries year-round. This canister set would be ideal for keeping all of the jam!


SodaStream Penguin Glass Carafes – $29.95

Though these are meant to keep drinks from your soda stream fresh, I would love to use them for iced coffee. It’s possible to make a large pot at the beginning of the week and keep the coffee chilled and fresh in these carafes all week.


Microplane Ultimate Citrus Tool – $12.95

Citrus is this a key component of summer cooking, from baked treats to marinades. This tool makes zesting any lemon, lime or orange a breeze.

Herb Kits

Culinary Herb Garden Starter Kit – $34.95

Though this is an indoor culinary herb garden kit, you might easily plant these guys out — permitted you have the distance. I love the way that it supplies you with the herbs necessary for fresh spring cooking.


Zoku Quick Pop Maker – $49.95

While I’m very dedicated to my ice cream manufacturer, I can not help but be tempted by the Zoku quick soda manufacturer. It stinks homemade ice pops within minutes — how cool is that? Not a whole requirement, but still a fun indulgence.


Royal Rose Syrup – $14.95

It’s early evening, the sun’s still out and it’s a dreamy 75-degrees — let’s create a cocktail! Everywhere I go these days I see these innovative cocktails. A dab of the majestic improved syrup with a few gin or vodka and a bit of soda would give you some very special cocktail at home.

Pottery Barn

I love to make big batches of lemonade or limeade in summer time and keep them in a pitcher in the fridge, but how ideal would this mason jar drink dispenser be to maintain homemade drinks? Keep it in the fridge or make it out for entertaining and also let guests serve themselves.

Pottery Barn

Starfish Melamine Bowl – $10.50

I really feel like I can not have enough little serving bowls, and these starfish-shaped ones could be an ideal addition to my collection. They’re sweet without being tacky — a triumph in my book!

Pottery Barn

Frosty Outdoor Mug – $49.50

I adore the sensation of drinking from frosty mugs. I might fill mine with lemonade or a gin and tonic, but they’d also be perfect for casual beers in the backyard.

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