How to Wash Dirt Off Scotchgarded Upholstered Furniture

Scotchgard is a brand of fabric protection products from the 3M Company. It is possible to spray a consumer-grade version of Scotchgard onto your upholstery to safeguard it from routine dirt and dirt, but many furniture-makers provide upholstered couches and seats which are factory pre-treated with a more powerful commercial version of the product. Both fabric guards assist your furniture resist stains under normal use, but neither you promises to create your upholstery fully stain-proof, which means you might need to employ some simple cleaning tips.

The First Line of Defense

If your Scotchgarded sofa begins looking a bit dirty or dirty, vacuum the cloth using a hose-attached brush instrument. Gently rub any dirty regions of the couch with a damp cloth, using a circular motion until the dirt is gone.

Place Cleaning

If the stain persists, stronger steps may be acceptable. Start looking for the couch’s “Do Not Remove Under Penalty…” tag to find out the composition of your upholstery fabric. If it is a man-made fabric, gently rub the spot with a clean sponge or rag that’s been packaged with a mix of light laundry detergent and water. If the cloth is a natural fiber, then rub the stain with a rag soaked in plain rubbing alcohol or denatured alcohol. You may also use the Scotchgard brand’s very own upholstery cleaning sprays, which are formulated for use on fabrics which have been treated with stain-protective substances.

The Scotchgard Option

Once the stain was removed, spray another therapy of Scotchgard to protect the cloth from future damage.

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