On Trend: You'll Switch for These Double-Duty Furniture Designs

Many homeowners today are working hard to decrease the amount of space they want. For some it’s through better company; for others it’s a smaller house — but tons of people only want to live more simply. Are you looking for a way to save some space? These chairs and tables, and a couch, all work extra hard to help you do precisely that.

In fact, they’ll flip for you. Whether it flips indoors, backward or upside down, or flaps back and forth, every one of those designs comes with an innovative element that allows it to be more than meets the eye.

Note: Order the Paq chair and the Flip desk from Bolia directly from the Corporation’s websites. Contact Kvadra, Offecct, Claudio Sibille, Ivy Design and Designers in Large via their websites for ordering or supply info.


Revolve Sofa Bed

This couch has a rear that succeeds to create a bed. The contemporary lines turn the normal idea of a futon or sleeper couch upside down too.


Moment Chair

This chair is perfect for the work-at-home enthusiast or the coffee-drinking reader — simply reverse the little arm to the place most suited to what you’re doing.


Flip Spisebord Table

The compartments of the bit slide out and open to keep your desk surface neat — what a brilliant idea!


Unzipping Chair-Bed – EUR 199

The upholstered cover of the chair unzips so you may turn the chair into a flat bed; it has an inner cylinder table that gives it support.


Flippable Rocker

This rocker flips upside down for various colors, depending upon your decorating disposition.


Flippable Chairs-Table

These chairs flip on their sides, together with the springs locking together like a puzzle piece to create a table.


Verena Lang Picture Table – $2,199

This image frame doubles as a foldout table, or vice versa, depending on which object you need longer.


FlatFish 1.2 Convertible Chair

The back of the chair flips down flat to create a table. You’ll always be prepared for entertaining this way.

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