Pest Control for Azaleas

Members of the rhododendron family are hardy flowering shrubs with colourful flowers. Soil and plenty of sunshine aids azaleas to prosper, however they need to be taken indoors throughout Bay Region winters that are great or some time there’s frost. However, northern California, using its regular sunshine and moderate temps, is perfect for a lot of azalea types, as is a soil pH of 4.5 to 5.5. Azaleas are vulnerable to different backyard pests, in order that they require consideration and treatment.

Lace Bugs

Bugs prey on azaleas by piercing the leaves of the plant using their mouths to drain them of chlorophyll as well as other nutrients. Leaves with undersides consisting of the droppings of the insect, are the main indication of bug infestation. To to manage the pests, handle the flowers and azaleas are sprayed using a hose to knock them free. Systemic pesticides, which become absorbed by the plant’s vascular system may also be used also be employed.


Several types of mites prey draining them. Azalea mites Spider mites and red mites are recognized for his or her tiny dimensions, makeing them hard to see and typical azalea pests. Predaceous mites and thrips, lady bugs may be released to azaleas as a normal means of pest control. As-is spraying the crops with oil coating azalea leaves is an efficient remedy.

Red-Headed Azalea Caterpillar

A kind of larvae, the redheaded azalea caterpillar has a coloured body coated in white and yellow stripes. The scarlet head of the caterpillar becomes notable as it matures plus they increase as long as two inches, feeding on the leaves of the azalea. Attacking azaleas in late summer, they’re harmless to people and may be eliminated manually. Azaleas may be treated in the function a caterpillar infestation that was particularly hard.


The scale that is the feminine is a little insect with mouthparts employed to suck sap from plants. Scales, which resemble white places, launch nymphs, which prey on the azalea’s woody stems. Frequent apps of oil destroy the youthful nymphs, although scales can be chosen off yourself and will suffocate scales of their their egg sacks.

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