Set Rooms Racing With Olympic-Style Sports Decor

It’s easy to catch sports congestion together with the London Olympics right around the corner. Pay tribute to your favorite sports and teams with a quick adjustment to your home decor. From vintage team posters to classic equipment to oversize photographs, it’s easy to integrate sports-related accessories into an assortment of house styles.

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Classic sports posters are full of personality and color, and they complement an assortment of interior styles. Plus, if you look in the ideal places — such as flea markets or eBay — you can locate them at exceptionally affordable rates.

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Vintage framed team photographs are just another way to integrate that retro sports vibe into your home. If you dig in the family attic, you might even be able to locate a great shot that comes with a relative. Add these pictures to a more modern living room for an eclectic look.

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If you’re looking for a more contemporary program of your vintage photos, think about something like this outsized example. Blending history with modern appeal is a great way for the current interior styles.

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Photographs and typical posters aren’t the only thing that can groom the walls. This background includes photographs, samples and illustrations about Chicago’s Wrigley Field.

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This wallpaper features tiny tennis rackets and balls. With such a small replicate, this lively wallpaper begs you to have another glance for you to realize what it is composed of.

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It is time to pull that old sports equipment out of the garage and see it in a new light — these bits can add patina and warmth into a home. In case you have a horizontal space on the wall you’re trying desperately to fill, think about hanging lengthy pieces of sporting equipment, such as these oars.

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Baseball bats are just another great solution to get a horizontal distance. Even in this modern division, exhibited baseball bats take on a surprising air of sophistication.


If you love to surf but can only reach the beach every so often, remind yourself of that passion by displaying your surfboard in your bedroom, rather than concealing it in storage.

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The sculptural, wooden shape of classic tennis racquets provides a warm appeal to rooms, whereas the strings lend a textural dimension and also make them easy to hang. Three classic tennis racquets above this boy’s bed gives a unique vintage complement to the classic distance.

If posters aren’t up your street, look for interesting sports-related artwork. This simple painting of a baseball is eye catching and very different from normal sports artwork.

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Sports apparel gets instant art with the inclusion of a simple frame. This assortment of framed vintage swimsuits is unexpected and feminine.

Your mudroom can gain from chic sports accessories. Instead of cubbies, outfit it with vintage lockers to get a supercool appearance your children will love.

Sporty Looks Hit a Home Run

Baseball Decor Steps Up to the Plate

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