Show Us Your Garage!

Tell us Houzz consumers: Is your garage a whirlwind of old toys and power tools? Or have you ever managed to keep it clean and tidy? Whether your garage is a model of business, or it just needs a little TLC, we would like to see it!

National Clean Out Your Garage Day is just around the corner — a perfect time to pull open the garage doors and start sorting through the clutter inside.

Do you have an impeccably coordinated garage? Share your organization tips and tricks with us! Or perhaps you will need any advice on the best way best to make your fantasy garage space — show us what you’re working with! We would like to know!

Just a Girl

The garage Chris of Just a Girl’s house ends up being the key entrance for nearly all of its own visitors. Instead of making everyone walk through a cluttered, unfinished space, ” she transformed this area to a spruced-up entryway. A coat of paint onto the walls and door, some stenciled amounts, a few hooks, and a few metallic racks made a massive gap — without spending a great deal of cash.

Can your household use your garage as an entryway? What do you do to spruce this up?

Thrifty Decor Chick

Sarah from Thrifty Decor Chick cleaned out all of the crap in her garage. When it was clean, she wished to keep it that way, so that she used a mix of hooks and plastic holders to catch everything up and from the floor. Now, there’s a place for everything, and everything has its place.

Have you tried hanging items on your garage? Or have you got another storage method?

San Diego mom and blogger Erin, of Sunny Side Up, tries to straighten her garage out after a month, in order to keep things from getting too overpowering. Like Chris from Just a Girl, the garage door is the one most often used by the household. So Erin put out a shoe rack to maintain her family’s most worn shoes neat and clean (and out of their house).

Erin even got super inspired and coordinated all of the nails, screws, tools, along with other bits and pieces within this impressive plastic jar system. Everything has a label, and it saves her husband lots of time when he is working on something around the house.

What do you do to keep each of the arbitrary knick-knacks on your garage?

Post a photograph of your garage in the space below and inform us about how you spruced it up, or what you can not wait to accomplish.

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