The best way to Get Melted Plastic Off a Stove Burner

A warm burner on a restricted quantity of counter area as well as the stove could lead to an melting of lid, container or a bag accidentally put on a stove-top. Besides creating a terrible odor, plastic can abandon melted mess in your stove’s burner and hamper the capacity to use your stove. Together with ventilation and the correct resources, you may get melted plastic and prevent changing the burner or stove-top.

Coil or Disk Burner

Turn on the exhaust hood above your stove in the event the hood isn’t working, or open your kitchen window. Consider putting a lover close to the stove to blow fumes and any smoke out the window that is open. Wear a dry wall mask to avoid inhaling any fumes for those who have insufficient ventilation.

Turn to warm the coil. Do not change the heat greater than “2” or “3” to prevent harming your utensils.

Scrape the melted plastic in the burner using spatula or a wooden spoon. Wipe the plastic in the conclusion of the utensil with paper towels between scrapes, and that means you do not distribute the plastic to places on stove or the burner. Before you remove as a lot of the plastic as feasible continue to scrape the burner.

Set the control knob on high temperature. Allow the remaining plastic residue to lose the stove’s coil or disk burner.

Glass Cooktop Burner

Allow the afflicted burner to great. Apply three or two drops of glass cook-top cleaner to the surrounding region as well as the plastic.

Hold a security scraper fitted using a razorblade as a 45-degree angle from the the top of glass stove-top. Apply pressure on the blade as you start to scrape the melted plastic in the burner.

Apply one more drop or a couple of the cleaner to the plastic after every pass of the scraper. Continue to use the scraper wiping the scraper blade.

The burner with a scrubber sponge to eliminate any plastic residue. Use the cooktop wipe the area clear using a paper-towel and cleaner to the whole area.

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