Thought of the Week: Chamber to Grow

With no suitable dining area — or with one that is about the side that is little — amusing crowds of over a smattering could be like attempting to package sardines. There is perhaps a card table intricate furniture rearranging or two concerned, as well as the general feeling the dining space continues to be jury rigged to within an inch of its own life.

But this Bay Area kitchen makes amusing for bunches from 2 to 1-2 similarly manageable.

Schwartz and Architecture

The key is the as-is, the the area custom island, which could fit about six easily. But raise the dropleaf quietly and …

Schwartz and Architecture

… It enlarges to seat up to 12 friends with simplicity — wrestling a dining table needed. Begin to see the remainder of the kitchen re-model of architect Neil Schwartz.

Sit Back in the Newest Kitchen-Dining Table Island
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