Tips And Tricks From A Skilled Locksmith

Every home needs a lock. And, where there are locks, locksmiths are near behind. In fact, locksmiths are the go-to professionals that homeowners call when they are locked out of the house. However, the handyman Glendale covers more than re-keying or helping you get in if you’re locked out. Locksmiths are like home security professionals.

Below are a few secrets that a locksmith will rarely tell you:

Dead Bolts And Contractors

If you ask a handyman Glendale AZ, he will confess that home contractors are bad at installing dead bolts. Most contractors don’t know that a dead bolt should have at least one inch “throw,” as well as on the “strike side.” The security plate should be at least three inches long that go all the way into the frame of the door.

Use Double Cylinder Locks

If your door has a window or if your door is near a window, then regular deadbolts would do you little good. Burglars can simply break the window, stick a hand in, and turn the deadbolt. A better solution would be to install a double cylinder lock as it does not open even if you are on the inside, unless you have the key, of course.

Think Twice Before You Buy A Locked Safe

If you are thinking of buying a locked safe on the flea market, auction or estate sale, then you might want to think twice. In most cases, the locked safe may be cheaper, but it will cost you around $300 to open it. If you think that there’s treasure inside, chances are you’ll end up with a lot of mouse poop.

The Importance Of Re-Keying

Even if you have recently bought a new home, or moved into a new apartment, always call a handyman services Glendale AZ to do re-keying. There’s a good chance that the previous owner or the landlord has a master key that can be used to gain entry to your place.

Be Cautious Of Cheap Padlocks

Most of the mass produced locks that you find in department stores have very low standards even if they are produced by a reputable brand. These kinds of locks are easily beaten. In fact, one good smack will cause it to break open. The best solution is to get a padlock with at least a grade 2 rating. The price difference is not that far off from the mass produced locks and it’s a lot tougher to beat.

Don’t Believe Car Dealers

If you buy one of the newer car models, then one of the most popular pitches of car dealers is that they are the only ones who can duplicate a “high-tech” key. In most cases, this is just an outright lie. A Glendale handyman that specializes in automotive work can duplicate your car key at a cheaper price.

The Power Of WD-40

If you insert a key but the lock won’t open once you turn it, then the pins are simply jammed. A silicon spray or WD-40 may solve this problem 25-40% of the time.