Toilet Banquettes: Explaining the Buffet of Options

Banquette seating at a kitchen conserves space, brings color and pattern into the room through upholstery and creates a cozy spot for meals. But it’s important to take into account the aspects.

There’s a lot to think about, but remember that banquettes can be designed to match any kitchen style. They may be custom built by a finish carpenter, purchased as a bench from some cabinet manufacturers or constructed from cabinet elements –for example, a 15-inch-high by 18-inch-deep wall cabinet mounted onto a wood-framed foundation (the same height as your cabinets), and ended with a matching cabinet toe kick trimming and a wood chair.

The cost to build a banquette varies considerably depending upon dimensions, structure and finish information, but the outcomes can offer a beautiful and one of a kind dining area.

Listed below are Some of the options.

Goff Architecture

Banquette Shapes and Styles

This comfy little booth, in essence a banquette, is a charming spot for dishes. It can accommodate four diners, maybe five when the table had a base base. However, this may not be the arrangement for your loved ones, since the table is enclosed.

When to use: When space is at a premium.


U-shaped. This beautiful banquette seats quite a few diners. It could be a place for a dinner party. Getting in and out on a daily basis, but might be problematic.

When to use: When a rectangular table top fits the distance.

Gleicher Design – Interiors & Architecture

Curved. This curved banquette is a excellent way to adapt a good deal of diners at a smaller space; there’s no wasted corner. It does, however, have the same issues as the large banquette.

When to use: When a round table top fits the space.

Dijeau Poage Construction

Straight. If you’d like to have additional casual seating in your own kitchen, a directly banquette, particularly along a bank of windows with a pretty view, is a great option.

When to use: When a very long, narrow space is available.

Blue Tangerine Art

Curved back. A curved back makes it simpler to scoot round; also it gives a cozy backrest for every diner (no one will get stuck at a corner).

When to use: When maximizing distance is important around a round table.

Caitlin Moran Interiors

Banquette Materials

Upholstery material may make a difference about how easy it is to slip in and outside of the banquette. Vinyl makes it more easy to scoot around. This corner arrangement makes good use of the space. A couple of others might be squeezed in — although it is a functional shape for four diners — 2 to the banquette.

When to use: When an upholstered chair and a durable cloth are wanted.

Isabel Beattie @ K Cabinets Oakville

Wood. A wood chair, while not as comfy as an upholstered chair, is very easy to maintain and easy to slip along. If you have kids, this may be a great option. Loose seat cushions might be added.

When to use: When an cheap and durable chair is required.

Robert Kaner Interior Design

Double-Function Banquettes

Extra seating or table space. This banquette, that extends past the table, not just provides additional seating for entertaining, but presumably the wood surface may be utilized as a table. Furthermore, if the dining table can be extended for larger groups, the long banquette will offer seating for the excess diners. Although this arrangement again hems some people in, that is going to be much less of a issue with the large, occasional group than with daily diners.

When to use: When flexible seating and table space are wanted.

Garret Cord Werner Architects & Interior Designers

Guest bed. Although you’d probably not need this at a kitchen, a banquette can double as a guest bed, if it is deep enough. This is easy to accomplish if you utilize mattresses and build a stage. Consider, however, this won’t provide a cozy back for diners unless you load it with throw cushions.

When to use: When a space can be guest and multifunctional space is at a premium.

K.C. Customs & Remodeling, Inc..

Banquettes With Storage

Rear-hinged. If your banquette is going to have an enclosed foundation, it may also be utilized for storage. You ought to think about storage requirements when deciding whether to utilize a hinged top, drawers or doors. A simple box with a hinged top (shown here) is possibly the most economical design and can also accommodate large items.

Norcon Home Improvements

Front-hinged. These allow for an upholstered seat and back.

Cristin Priest Simplified Bee

Drawer storage. Drawers would be the most expensive storage kinds but also the most easily accessible. Use one on the side of banquette seating for fast access to supplies.

Kleppinger Design Group, Inc..

Cabinet doors. Cabinet doors are less expensive than drawers but more difficult to access.

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