9 Window Chairs That Command Attention

I spent my childhood dreaming about having a window seat. (Well, that and having a wrap-around porch with a swing. I am pretty sure I am a hopeless romantic who belongs in the Victorian age ). I never got you — still do not own one — but I am willing to live vicariously through Houzz by glancing in the ones posted by designers and readers. And after all this window seat-gazing, I’ve developed a little picky.

Window seats are often carved from seemingly leftover spaces, or they look like an afterthought, added to a scheme after everything else has been determined, and the particulars do not really work. Many times, they’re tucked away and just exist to provide extra storage or fill a room nobody knows what to do with.

Those that I lust after are not merely well-integrated to the overall layout, but draw attention to themselves as the highlight of a room. See what I mean:

Rachel Reider Interiors

We’ve covered window seats as banquettes previously, but look at those legs! Most surely not an afterthought, this window seat/banquette is full of pizzazz, from the legs — that make it light, airy and texture more like a piece of furniture to the curve of the seat that makes it fit perfectly to the bay window.

Mahoney Architects & Interiors

This is a great example of integration. So often, window seats are put off in their own, which is fantastic for heavy contemplation, but occasionally you want to sit close to a window AND be part of the activity.

This one gets the window seat an armless sofa of sorts, offering additional seating for parties and family gatherings.

Brian Watford Interiors

Now here is an idea: Make the transition from outdoors to indoors (also vis-versa) a little smoother with a glowing window seat for taking shoes off and on.

This is where my husband could sit and wait patiently as I flit round the home insisting that I am”prepared,” if we both know I am really”late” The neutral striped pillow introduces a layer of subtle excitement against the mostly neutral background of the timeless space.

Smith & Vansant Architects PC

I’d never really believed a window seat at the bathroom, but I am sold! I am a talker (can you tell?) And I would love nothing more than to cop a squat and chit chat (read: harass) my husband when he’s shaving or brushing his teeth. Of course, having a place to throw a towel or just slow down for a second in the morning and sip a little coffee by the window wouldn’t be half bad.

Schwartz and Architecture

Window seats aren’t all”American bungalow” and shaker-style. Check out this warm contemporary corner ideal for taking a minute to collect ideas (or, in my case, have a moment to remember why you’re led to a given room). The full-overlay drawers maintain the room neat and uncluttered while providing storage chances — always a plus.

Trans-Pacific Design / Susan J. Moss, ASID

I can imagine spending a sleepless night gazing from the window from my perch with this built-in bench. The placement in the room (and its ample span ) make it a go-to conversation destination.

I especially appreciate the fact that the lines out of the drawers under the adjacent bookcase match up with those of the drawers in the bedroom, suggesting that this bench was no error.

Mahoney Architects & Interiors

It doesn’t hurt that this viewpoint is incredible (thanks, San Francisco Bay Area, for being really gorgeous), however, the built in chaise-style window seat is an excellent idea for maximizing water- and – bridge-gazing time using a book and a blanket. Of course, I also love the subtle drawers in the bottom for stashing extra pillows and blankets for those cooler days and nights.

Cary Bernstein Architect

The magnificent view draws you in, no doubt about this, but without that little window seat, you may just brush past the window onto this stair landing without stopping for some time to take it all in. And wasteful would this be? Easy, clean and contemporary, this discreet detail is soft enough to make you need to stay a while.

Garret Cord Werner Architects & Interior Designers

There is no reason to not make a window seat a genuine sofa for maximum comfort. I am visiting this idea working nicely in a little area — a studio apartment, for instance — where each piece of furniture has to function in several distinct ways. Having friends over and need lots of chairs? Use it as a sofa. Having a romantic dinner? Pull up a table. Have an overnight guest? A soft built-in sofa is so much better than a blow-up mattress.

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