5 Ingredients to a Romantic Bedroom

Is your bedroom intimate? I was recently asked by a journalist to present my input for making a romantic bedroom. I said that so as to make a completely seductive space we will need to arouse our five senses: touch, sight, smell, hearing and taste. I asked a few of my friends for their views, too. Their top three:

1. Don’t skimp on the size of your bed. Go for the king size if you have the space.
2. Keep your bed made. A clean well made bed is very appealing.
3. Don’t place gym gear in your bedroom.

Do those things and receive your five senses going and soon you will hear “Je t’aime de tout mon coeur.” (I love you with my heart). Here is the Way to get started:

Annette English

Touch. Bedding is very alluring as it looks like a fluffy cloud. Consider a luxe resort you might have stayed at. Replicate it with a soft down comforter. I try to steer clear of comforters that have lots of different colours and patterns in master bedrooms. It can be distracting and clutter your mind.

Jerry Jacobs Design, Inc..

Treat your body right by using soft sheet sets. Look for sheets made from high quality cotton yarns, such as Egyptian, Pima, or Supima cotton that gets a smoother and more durable thread since they’re long stapled fibers making a softer feel; And look on the product label for’combed cotton’ -a procedure that removes shorter staple fibers. Bottom line is, the best method of figuring out if a sheet is eloquent enough is to open the package and sense it. Be sure to look at the care directions to see how they’re laundered.

Abbe Fenimore Studio Ten 25

1. Sight. Produce a haven with compatible color combinations. I like gray-blues since they’re relaxing. Complete the palette with crisp or creamy whites and sheers more than hard window treatments to soften the look.

Michael Fullen Design Group

Another compatible combo: tans with accents of spicy orange and greens. Don’t skimp on the curtains. Add quantity to your own windows with additional widths of fabric.

D for Design

For a luxe look, try using tone-on-tone fabrics and paint in a gentle neutral palette with silver finishes. I can envision a crystal chandelier hanging in the front of the bed. Use additional throw pillows to layer on plushness to the bed.

Debra Kay George Interiors

Consider adding a candle chandelier to get a look of real candles. How romantic! Or change out your exposed bulbs to flicker flame bulbs to make a similar feel.

Annette English

Turn off the bright overhead light; gentle light is a lot more flattering! Use table lamps with low wattage bulbs and dimmable wall sconces. Add some glamour by hanging a dimmable chandelier.

Van H. Robinson

Layer your windows with hard treatments like blinds or shades, together with drapes that have black out lining. This combination will close out the world so you can focus on your own romance. Silk or lace curtains are soft appearing.

Layout Shop Interiors

Mirrors create wonderful reflective coating that adds thickness. If you already have a television in front of your own bed, hang a floor length mirror on the wall to the side. It’s possible to find a look similar to this with IKEA’s MONSTAD mirror.

Interiors with Attitude, LLC

2. Smell. Fragrance-scented candles piled together can resemble a romantic fireplace. Pick a scent that fits your style. Test them out in the shop by closing your eyes and imagining you are in your favorite vacation destination. Which odor best brings those vaca memories?


GenevaLab Sound Speaker, Medium – $699
3. Hearing. Music is a vital part of a romantic moment. Nowadays we do not need to discover a place for big speakers. With this Genevalab Sound Speaker near your bed, you can have classic ballads playing in a moment! Just plug in our ipod in. It’s a remote control and iphone adaptor, and also a digital radio with alarm clock. Love it brightens on hand contact and comes in a selection of three gloss colours: white, black and red.

Close the door. Constantly keep your bedroom door closed. Keep the noises of the washing machine, phone, kids and pets out!

David Churchill – Architectural Photographer

Taste. What’s hotter than a late-night champagne and bite in bed? Chocolate is considered an aphrodisiac goes perfectly with champagne. Keep a large tray handy for fridge finds you want to carry up to the space.

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