How to Get the Pottery Barn Search for Home Decorating

With a style all of its own, Pottery Barn — a home decor, accessories and furnishings store — has been helping people decorate their houses since 1949. When you would like to recreate its distinctive look, without needing to sign away your first born to accomplish this, replicate it by becoming tricky with found items, do-it-yourself knockoffs or flea-market treasures. Mimic the store’s distinctive style with worn, decorative accents, furnishings and eclectic combinations which have rustic to French State or even modern, contemporary or traditional themes.

The Family Entrance

Start your Pottery Barn look with entryway storage as trendy as it is functional. Outfit a very simple bench with rattan baskets beneath it to hold bags and shoes. Visit the local thrift store for clothes hooks in odd, distinguishing shapes to place over the bench. Anchor-shaped pins tie into a nautical theme or steer-shaped hooks add a bit of whimsy to your country style. Keep the Pottery Barn influence into your living room using a family gallery wall. Display black-and-white family pictures in image frames at high-gloss black frames, steel or wood in a symmetrical design or free-form shape of your own production.

Family Living Room

Attain a distinctive Pottery Barn look by varying layers of colours and prints. Paint the walls using saturated colours: dark navy blue or heavy gray with hints of purple. White walls offer a neutral base, but make them white with creamy yellow undertones for some color. Outfit your rooms with furniture pieces constructed to stand the test of time and tendencies, such as hefty, trestle-like dark wood coffee and end tables, leather easy chairs and cozy slipcovered couches. Create a layered and exotic look with toss pillows festooned with prints such as ogee — an extended hourglass shape pattern — along with ikat, a standout blend made by bundling woven threads during the dying process. Set a woven chest in front of the sofa as a coffee table and to bring a bit of texture to the space.

Cooking in the Kitchen

A Pottery Barn-inspired kitchen seamlessly mixes utility with fashion and creates a space that functions as a magnet for friends and family. Invest in creamy white dishes and serve ware to work with for every occasion, from easy family food to holiday feasts. When decorating for special events, offset the traditional and plain every-day place settings using quirky seasonal accessories such as Santa Claus mugs or soup tureens in the form of pumpkins. Shop a thrift store for inexpensive multiple-sized French glasses to supply the feel of a French cafe. Wall-mounted metallic shelves provide storage for cookbooks while galvanized metal storage cups offer a place to grow your herbs. Complete the look with a wooden cafe or bistro signal, either antique or reproduction along with a hefty, distressed wooden kitchen table.

Pillow Talk

Create a cosy bedroom retreat with ticking-striped bed pillows and sheets paired with a complementary toile duvet cover. Add visual interest with flowery throw pillows at precisely the same shade as the pillows and duvet cover. When toss pillows are far more of a nuisance rather than a comfort, bring in color with a carpet. A massive kilim carpet ties along your Pottery Barn-inspired room using geometric shapes and color, especially if you have tile or hardwood floors. But you may also place the kilim rug atop a low-pile rug for a bit of color. Round out the look with key decorative pieces, such as a distressed wooden seat at the end of the bed or a wire hamper, very similar to those found in French country homes.

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