DIY Tiled Tables

A table that’s too dull to live near your couch or one that’s badly weathered from seasons on your patio wants a makeover that is tile-and-mortar. The results are spectacular, although Including a tile shirt is complicated. Make a mosaic out of plates or bits of tilecreate a pattern or design — such as a spiral or a sunflower . Or match uniform-sized tiles to cover the tabletop with new glory.

Clean the table if you plan to paint, stain, or rust-proof the legs and foundation, and paint refinish it all except the shirt. Make a paper template of the tabletop once the finish is dry and sketch or measure your layout to match. Lay out your tiles on the layout next to the surface.

Score the table using a box cutter in a crisscross pattern to create a rough surface on. Dilute glue to the consistency of milk and coating the tabletop. This seals the cuts so they will not absorb water and helps it to adhere to the table better.

Trowel tile set, over the surface of the table to make an floor for your tile. Put in the mortar, according to your pattern. Before placing the tile, you can score the mortar gently with the tip of the trowel but you do not have to do to find the tiles to stick out.

Let the mortar dry. Then apply tinted grout with a grout float. The float can help to push the grout. Wipe grout off the surface of the tiles with a clean, damp sponge once you complete grouting.

Lay your tile tabletop with non-yellowing polycrylic for protection or marine varnish and also to keep the grout out of absorbing stains or mould that is growing. This is an optional step. The tile does not really need the finish, but it will make it easier to keep the grout clean.

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