What Can I Do With a Potted Tulip at January?

Forcing spring-blooming tulips (Tulipa spp.) Lights inside can provide you flowers in midwinter. January care depends on whether the lights are thriving or if they are still in their inactive state. Tulips rise in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 3 through 9, based on the number, but hardiness is only a concern if […]

What's the Means of Phalaenopsis Orchid Reproduction?

Commonly referred to as orchids if only the moths fluttering round the porch at night exhibited the magnificent shades and contours of the petals of Phalaenopsis orchids. These beauties grow from southeast Asia to northern Australia on trees and rocks in subtropical areas. In the wild, moth orchids replicate despite their primadonna looks like crops. […]

The Way to Grow Crocus in Zone 9

Gardening by zone is a tricky business in a region as where temperatures can vary by up to 10 degrees Fahrenheit to neighborhood. Under the 2012 U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zone map, which will be based solely on average minimum temperature, town itself and the area immediately ringing the bay drops in zone […]

California Gardener's April Checklist

Water shortages along with energy crises and other realities of modern living have taught us valuable lessons about conserving our priceless resources. And in our gardens, we all Californians have pioneered sustainable strategies that are beautiful and more appropriate to our Mediterranean climate. Go to a nursery this month, and you’re going to see plants […]

Garden Plant Producing Clusters of Jasmine-Like Flowers in the Spring

The fragrance of jasmine flowers (Jasminum spp.) is unforgettable. It’s among the most expensive perfume ingredients, with 1,000 pounds of jasmine flowers required for 1 pound of jasmine oil. Jasmines are native to subtropical and tropical regions from Iraq, India and China to Malaysia. The most intensely fragrant jasmines have white, tubular, night-blooming blossoms and […]

Cool Your House (and Costs) With the Ideal Insulation

Due to rising energy costs, insulation has become a crucial part of all new building and remodeling jobs. In the past, insulation could be badly installed, incomplete or lost entirely — none of which is a choice these days. Reasonable utility bills depend on sufficient and well-installed insulation. New criteria can make homes so well […]

Fantastic Design Plant: Paddle Plant

Paddle plant offers impact that is high even to get a succulent. There are over 125 species at the Kalanchoe genus, but Kalanchoe luciae is distinct. Its flat, stacking leaves result in its popularity in the sphere of succulent landscape design. It had been sold for several years under the name Kalanchoe thrysiflora, and plantsmen […]

California Gardener's January Checklist

With cheer-bringing blossoms on bare stems from the dead of the winter, the flowering quince is an ancient Chinese symbol of an auspicious New Year. At least as cheering to me would be visiting a Big 10 soccer team lose the Rose Bowl into a California group (go Stanford), and I will think of other […]

Mid-Atlantic Gardener's November Checklist

November from the Mid-Atlantic region of the U.S. is a time to wrap up gardening for a while, finish those up lingering to-dos and start enjoying hot fires and seed catalogs indoors. It’s also time to start thinking ahead and prepping for next year. Chores that are not completed this month might need to wait […]

Central Plains Gardener's September Checklist

I am a teacher, and college always starts in August — way too premature. From the Central Plains, that usually means you’ve got about a month of perspiration on your casual dress outfits and being totally confused about what season it is, particularly when your pupils are wearing sunglasses and shorts. But this seasonal double […]