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I will have a leap of faith and suppose if you’re surfing through this website, you’ve got creative juices which need continuous inspirational stimulation. A lot people have our photographed style blogs, our ideabooks and Tumblr accounts, and a virtual archive of pictures and design ideas which inspire us in our daily lives. However, isn’t it also pleasant to have favorites before you, in a tactile sense, in an organic arrangement that grows and changes with you? Here are a few suggestions for creating vibrant snare boards in your home office, kitchen, or child’s room — wherever you might need a dash of inspiration and color.

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A lot of men and women begin with a cork board above their desk and outgrow that area. I love seeing a creative type’s workspace where the inspirational pictures have shot over, beyond the pin board on the walls all over.

Mixed in with private mementos, fairy lights, and actual work files, the space doesn’t feel messy because what’s hung neatly and directly.

Against a darkened wall, the pictures really catch your attention.

Nicole Lanteri Design

It is very cool to see these inspiration walls take on a life of their own. They climb into the ceiling and incorporate fabric samples, product photographs, paint chips, and more among the inspiration pictures. Do not be bashful about layering and piling it all on. Since the wall grows organically, you can’t help but look at any given corner and discover an idea.

sarah & bendrix

Your wall need not rise up. It can grow horizontally and incorporate styled art which also inspires you. Gaps of empty wall space will be filled in more than smaller graphics, but the larger framed art will probably always ground the frame of your pin wall.


Which came first, the room decor or even the pin board? Its nice to see the color schemes and materials of the pinned items perfectly contrasts with the color schemes and the materials of the room in which they reside.

Of course, the occupant has a singular vision: a light, feminine, and intimate leaning. I am sure the area in which she works infuses the pin board, and the graphics she pins are utilized to refine the room.


Some of us like a uniformly designed area before we begin our pinning. I adore the glam-rustic allure of this workspace. The white sheepskin seat cover and ceramic trophy head link to the leopard-print fabric used to cover the white-framed cork board.

There is a bit of masculine from the timber desk, grim walls, and vibrant searching themes. A lot of female with the refined white accent components. Even without one image pinned however, I’m already inspired by what I see.

Vanessa De Vargas

Another thought for glamming up your pinboard is background. Instead of buying rolls and rolls of those expensive stuff you prefer to your walls, which might be overwhelming once implemented, just one roster will infuse the room with the layout and colours you prefer. Your pin wall doesn’t have to be in front of your own desk. The blank wall behind your desk can be a fantastic place to house your favourite pictures.

Monica Ewing

A patchwork of scrapbook paper can dress up the plain cork of your trap board. Choose patterns and colors that coordinate with your desk accessories.

Michelle Hinckley

Burlap sack cloth is another simple and inexpensive thought for camoflauging the cork of your snare board. It conveys this is a relaxed and free place for ridding whatever you would like. There are no rules, and you will not be judged.

Think outside the box. I’ve been seeing clipboards suspended in an grid-like pattern to create an inspiration wall. It’s a fresh concept, especially when you dress up your typical office-supply clipboards with vibrant contact paper. Everything is neatly contained on the clipboards, and your walls stay uncluttered.

Sweet as a Candy

How about wires and wood clothespins as another pin board substitute?

Salvage an older picture frame and use chicken wire instead of cork. Attach your finds using clothespins or pins. This version has a country-farmhouse appeal your average pinboard simply doesn’t offer.

Sweet Lulu

Pink and Gray Dots Tape Duo – $9

If you don’t need to hang a cork board or mess up your walls with tiny pin holes, Japanese Washi tape is a cute way to temporarily stick up pictures. It has the exact same adhesive strength as masking tape, but the various brands provide hundreds of colours and designs, which turned into a source of inspiration themselves.

Pottery Barn

Linen Pin Board – $99

If you’re eager to begin your snare board, it is as simple as buying a simple linen wrapped rectangular version. Do not settle to the exposed saltwater unless you anticipate becoming crafty by wrapping it using fabric of your choosing. Your snare board deserves greater.

House & Hold

Ferm Living Big Pin Board – $77

Unusual shapes are enjoyable departures.

House & Hold

Ferm Living Clipboard – $27

If you believe that can do the clipboard-grid notion, think about a version similar to this as the basis for your screen. Start looking for a wood finish fitting the furniture inside the room.

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