Establish Staircases Racing Using a Striped Stair Runner

While my current home is a staircaseless bungalow, I dream of one day owning an abode with a grand stairway decked out with a funky striped runner. I like to consider staircases as large parts of furniture in need of upholstering. And what better spot to allow my stripe addiction shine?

Stair runners are great for injecting colour and pattern into your interior while at the same time protecting a high-traffic area. There are two installation fashions: Hollywood and waterfall. Even a Hollywood runner hugs every nook and cranny of a stairs, with the carpet affixed to the tread, around the nose, and also to the riser. A waterfall runner drops directly from the nose of the tread to the back of the next tread without being affixed to the riser face between. A stripe is accommodated by either way .

Whether you’ve got a beach house, a country cabin, a modern penthouse or my future dream home, as long as you’ve got a staircase in need of a runner, stripes are a great thing to do.

Judy Cook Interiors, LLC

Stripes can be very coastal chic. In saltwater and blues, this shore cabin’s staircase shouts beachfront elegance. Take note that the carpet is set up in the waterfall fashion. The runner drops directly from the nose of the tread to the next tread without being affixed to the riser face between.

LDa Architecture & Interiors

Busy stripes hides dirt and wear and tear, making high-traffic areas like staircases ideal for accepting them.

Leslie Goodwin Photography

Installed from the Hollywood style, this runner follows the form of the stair. The white and black carpet was stapled underneath and around the nose of each tread.

Palmerston Design Consultants

Vertical stripes have the ability to make spaces feel larger. Missoni’s Venetian Stripe Rug adds colour and height to this Toronto penthouse.

Elizabeth Reich

Carpeting is affixed therefore this is a runner. Hiring a runner in this manner prevents dirt and dust buildup behind the collapse of the carpet.

LKM Design

Installed from the waterfall fashion, this carpet flows continuously down the staircase, tacked where essential.

Elizabeth Reich

This runner measures 27 inches wide; its springy flat weave is ideal for stairs.

Character Revival Co..

Hiring a runner is a manageable DIY project. See how er Jaime Shackford turned Dash & Albert’s Montana Stripe Woven Cotton Rug to some runner.

Amoroso Design

I appreciate when a stairway’s carpet choice is tied to the design of their house’s surrounding areas. In this foyer, the striped runner functions beautifully with the inlay strips from the hardwood floor.

Orren Pickell Building Group

Even a mitered corner is a really appealing touch on a striped runner as it turns a corner, as you can see on the transition from landing to staircase within this Winnetka, Illinois, home.

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