Design Dilemma: My Living Room Needs Revamping!

My favorite thing about Houzz: When somebody posts a Style Dilemma about the Questions board, the Houzz community chimes in, and the poster comes back to reveal the results. Case in point: Back in January, Houzz user and artist lilbirdfly, a.k.a. Kim, didn’t know where to start when decorating her dining area, so she submitted her Design Dilemma. The results are a mix of furniture styles combined with her own art and rich textiles. We thought it would fun to show you how the space has come along.

Kim’s question:

Our dining area. Just moved . Trying to choose a table and seats (this is our old IKEA set.) I would love a coupling of rustic and modern. Simple well-made table with mid century (or mid-century-like) modern seats. What to do? Where to search? Curtains can change, however, light fixture and wall colour must stay. Rug??

Here is the ever-evolving orginal thread.

Since Kim’s location is a leasing she had to work with the classic light fixture and heavy moss walls (lucky for them, they were painted using Olympia”Green Briar” from Lowes). The IKEA set was swimming at the generously scaled new dining area.

The area is open to other rooms, so she had to keep those views in mind.

LDa Architecture & Interiors

To give us an notion of what she enjoyed, Kim connected us to this dining area, also said she loved”about it.”

This room joins a Moroccan-style light fixture, hot wood table, leather dining chairs and a dhurrie rug with traditional architecture and built-ins.

Bosworth Hoedemaker

Kim’s comments on this area? “I really like the chairs and the table. Really like the painting. It’s just wonderful.”

Here we view traditional wood seats and a rustic wood table, combined with some eclectic art and modern pendant lighting.

Dufner Heighes Inc

Kim says she picked this picture because”I do love these seats too… just as they are so different. I like chairs that have quite intriguing lines — distinct from the standard.”

It became apparent that Kim enjoyed handmade items; these iconic seats are by George Nakashima.

Then Kim fell in love with these upholstered seats in Pier 1, and also thought they are a fantastic way to bring a few blue to the space (a little hard to tell from this camera phone shot; you’ll get a clearer idea of the colour within the next image).

Kim found a farm-meets-industrial dining table in a favorite neighborhood store, Umbrella Decor. The table embodies the rustic and modern appearance she knew she desired. Additionally, it meets her wish for unique handmade furniture. The table was created by a craftsman in Pennsylvania who joined classic industrial thighs with reclaimed barn wood.

Kim did go ahead and purchase two of the Pier 1 seats, which work in the area as host and hostess seats in the dining table, and also form a cozy sitting area at the corner.

Now for both seats. Kim started to veer toward clear acrylic seats and some quite minimal white molded plastic seats. I decided to confuse her further by indicating mid-century French cafe seats, which I thought would l work well with the classic industrial dining table legs.

It was destiny; the acrylic seats she had ordered dropped during, and Kim fell in love with some classic style Marais seats from Industry West.

While picking up the seats at Pier 1, Kim stumbled upon the drapes. She describes them as”type of an iridescent green which shifts to blue because you go around, and they have beautiful embroidery on them in all the colors of the space.” They’re a perfect match, and add texture and softness to the space.

Wondering about all of that amazing watercolors and mixed media sculptures? It’s Kim’s work. To pick up a part of her art for your home, check out her Etsy store.

So it took nine months, but Kim’s dining area is ready for its closeup. The outcome is a gathered mix of traditional, classic and industrial pieces, and also a rich look that’s polished yet cozy. All ideal Kim, if are you having us over for a dinner party?

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