Home Tech: Speakers Matter (and May Look Good, Too)

When we speak about home electronics, it’s typically about TVs and home theater. But there is much more to the topic. Home audio is among the most overlooked subjects. But rest assured — noise things. Not everybody has a TV, and most TV viewers have a love/hate relationship with their screens. Audio fans are not as conflicted, and for good reason: music soothes the soul.

Unfortunately in the arena of house layout, speakers get a very bad rap. Clunky, ugly and monitoring cables, speakers are relegated to cabinets or inside the walls, or left out altogether. This leaves out homeowners in the cold when it comes to the joys of rich, warm sound.

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The first instinct for designers would be to hide the speakers completely. Custom installers are called in to put the wiring along with the boxes in the walls. Solid grills then pay for the speakers and can be painted to match the inside.

An audio lover I know when equated in wall speakers by hiring a quartet to perform at a party, then putting them in a closet and shutting the door. A slatted door, but still. Sound needs to travel. When it’s only allowed to experience a small grill it will not sound as full and rich as it should. Much of it goes into the walls or gets trapped inside its own hidden box.

In-wall speakers are a luxury to be sure, and also a welcome remedy to the design challenge of everything to do with speakers. However they aren’t the best solution for attaining high fidelity. To get that, we must choose the speakers out of the walls and put them into the space.

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We also have to add speakers to video systems. I have mentioned this in other places but it bears repeating: TVs have gotten skinny, in part, by forfeiting the internal speakers. If the noise on that remarkable HD TV is less than amazing, or even hardly perceptible, that is why. Thankfully, companies are currently manufacturing speakers expressly for flat-panel home-theater usage. Slim, stylish and wall mountable, these beauties will deliver attractive sound on a variety of levels.

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However, in regards to true high fidelity, it’s the two-channel system that reigns supreme. Home cinema surround sound utilizes five or seven stations to deliver the cinematic range of audio to the sides and back of this space. That means multiple speakers.

Music requires only both conventional left and right speakers. It doesn’t break up the elements of the sound and distribute them to multiple devices. It retains the noise together for a more nuanced listening experience.

Don’t worry about speakers not being elegant; these are from Steinway Lyngdorf and arrive in the identical classic finish because their pianos.

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Speakers can also cost up to pianos. Quality loudspeakers can range from $1,000 to $200,000 each. There’s a lot of engineering on the other hand and elements are made of metals, making them costly. Exterior options range from exotic hardwoods, hand-carved or custom arranged to glossy shellacked surfaces created with the very same surfaces and lacquer finishes as a rare sports car.

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Some speakers are special for more reasons than the noise. Here is the Limited Edition Les Paul Signature Edition of Thiel’s CS3.7 loudspeaker. Thiel is known for its engineering prowess and these were created from the late Jim Thiel and signed by Les Paul before his departure. There are only 10 pairs in the world and they sound as great as the story they tell.


KEF Blade – $29,000

Speakers may not be attractive to everybody, but it’s often a matter of individual taste. Depending upon the style of your house and layout of this space, a speaker can create as much of a statement as any piece of furniture can.

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Bookshelf speakers are great options for those with smaller budgets or less available floor area. Compact enough to sit on a shelf, these nevertheless allow air to flow across the entire unit for better audio than many in-wall speakers.

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There are so many interesting styles to choose from that it’s hard to resist blending and matching these little men all over the house. But remember, regardless of the style, look closely at the fidelity. Listen to the speakers in a store, preferably with a music choice of your choice, and pay close attention to online reviews.

Quality sound adds something special to a house and the quality of the life led there. Don’t forgo speakers because of layout; there are plenty to match each aesthetic and budget.

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