Graceful Decorations for Traditional Dining Room Walls

The dining room could be about food, however your plate presentation isn’t the one thing which may be arty about the distance. Beautiful paintings, bold wallpapers and eye-catching mirrors may contribute to a traditional dining area that’s as much about sight as it’s about taste.

Listed below are a couple methods to incorporate artistic elements into your dining decor.

Siemasko + Verbridge

A painting over a fireplace — in case you are lucky enough to own one — is a classic approach to add art to your decor strategy. Flanking a gorgeous acrylic with sconces frames the art and adds light to the space.

Bruce Kading Interior Design

Since the dining room frequently lacks the identical number of decorative components as other rooms, a painting which covers an entire wall becomes an incredible focal point which defines the distance.

Elizabeth Dinkel

If you pick the best wallpaper in a dining space, other art could be unnecessary. The dining area is just one of our favourite places for taking a shot with a bold wall colour and layout. A hand-painted paper may have a mural-like effect on the space, which makes the dining room look finished and interesting.

Fowler Interiors

A mirror frequently works well in a traditional dining area, since its reflective quality expands the scope of a chandelier, projecting light in all directions. Designers disagree concerning the”right” height for a mirror, but in general, the center of the mirror should be at eye level.

Ellen Grasso & Sons, LLC

We all recognize that mirrors open up a space and make it feel bigger. A leaning mirror deepens this method’s effect, which makes a traditional dining room feel open and spacious, and adding a casual touch. As a bonus, it creates those dining seem skinnier — exactly what we want while engaging in a decadent meal!

Robbins Architecture

When possible, built-ins are a sensible storage option doubling as wall art. They are an ideal place to display lovely china and glasses that coordinate with the decoration. Or, if you would like to get creative, novels and photos may add an unexpected touch in a traditional dining area.

Brandon Architects, Inc..

Traditional dining area art goes far past just oil paintings. Groupings of botanical prints or photos add character and character.

Marrokal Design & Remodeling

Wall shelves are not just for the kitchen. And dishes that coordinate with the decoration aren’t just beautiful; they’re also handy. The vivid colors in this artwork help tie the components of the space together.

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