Master Bedrooms That Require Command

The master bedroom has its name for a reason. So rather than relegating yours to afterthought status, utilize the designer tips below to make one which is commanding in its beauty and style. A few of the techniques (leftovers, anyone?) May surprise you.

Dayna Katlin Interiors

1. Mix, don’t match. When selecting furniture for your master bedroom, purchase bedside tables which coordinate with your overall design motif, but don’t match them. End tables which are different shapes, dimensions and finishes add a very high amount of personality to a space and are much more visually stimulating than a fitting suite of furniture.

Michael Abrams Limited

2. Emphasize the wall. The wall the bed is placed on automatically becomes the focal wall. Applying fabric or panels to make one padded wall can make your space look softer and so much more tasteful.

Ragan Corliss

3. Be dramatic with color. Painting each of the partitions of your master bedroom a dark shade — no matter the number of windows — makes a very dramatic announcement. It’s also the ideal canvas for lighter-color bed linens, carpeting and accessories.

Michael Abrams Limited

4. Play with texture. Choose your bed linens, draperies, carpet, upholstery and paint in a monochromatic palette, but choose unique textures. This creates a boutique hotel feel.

Michael Abrams Limited

5. Mix up window treatments. When designing curtains and colors for your master bedroom, don’t make them all the same style. Full-length curtains on some windows and Roman colors on others are just enough of a risk to demonstrate that you were not scared to step beyond this box.

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6. Go glossy white on the ceiling. For an authentic cabin feeling on your master bedroom, put in boards in plank-style style on the ceiling and paint them a gloss white to allow them to shine. Nothing says Cape Cod cabin more than a wooden ceiling.

Ownby Design

7. Use leftover materials. If your master bedroom is fortunate enough to get a tray ceiling, place leftover wood flooring inside of the tray to choose the eye upward for an instant wow element.

Phil Kean Designs

8. Utilize your doorway as art. Whether modern or traditional, add an outdoor mounted sliding door for privacy and flair. While the door is open, the view functions as artwork.

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9. Get creative with bedside lighting. Instead of placing lamps on each bedside table, put in hanging pendants over each. This not only provides better downward job lighting, which is more conducive to studying in bed, but it will free up more space on the bedside tables.

Martha O’Hara Interiors

10. Add a chandelier. Make a statement on your master bedroom by simply substituting the usual surface-mounted light or fan with a chandelier for drama. Add a crystal chandelier for a more classic look or use a modern chandelier for a modern feel and watch your space come alive.

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