Inventive Design: L-Shaped Windows

For the most part, doors and windows are rectangular openings, either inserted into walls independently or as part of a bigger system (e.g. a curtain wall) which are also rectangular. This silhouette is rooted in traditional architecture and construction, but it is surely not the only way to articulate openings. One rarely used contour that I’ve found on Houzz is “L.” Continue reading for what this unusual window contour can perform for a home’s interior and exterior layout.

Hufft Projects

The contemporary addition to a ranch in Kansas sets a strong distinction between new and old. The latter is tall and flat-roofed, in which the former is 1 story with a gable roof. This comparison is furthered from the L-shaped opening that is observable to the right of the chimney.

More contemporary chimneys

Hufft Projects

A closer look in the rear of the home reveals some of what’s happening inside: a TV over some wall-mounted storage is in the lower room, and a smaller room is observed from the rectangular opening upstairs. Have a peek inside.

Hufft Projects

The master bedroom on the lower floor is an open space space, which the outside expresses. Here we can observe that the L-shape is made up of two rectangular openings: a tall window and a broad opening with sliding doors. Note how the base of the openings is just above the floor, but out it is raised another foot or so. This gap on the outside helps to pressure the L-shape.

Hufft Projects

The form of the space is evident in this view. The tall uplit shaft of distance extends up to bring lots of light into the master bedroom. Stacked above is a smaller bedroom that does not demand as much square footage, therefore the residual distance beside it used for the tall window and space.

Winslow Architecture & Urban Design

This L-shaped opening matches itself below an angular roof and a door and fireplace below. The deep-set window available in the corner but set back in the eave and frames — appears to be one piece of glass.

Winslow Architecture & Urban Design

Seeing it from the interior, vertical silicone joints are visible extending upward from both jambs of the door. Thus the L-shaped opening is made up of three pieces of glass.

Winslow Architecture & Urban Design

Why an L-shaped opening over the door and fireplace? Essentially, it is the leftover region of the altitude, made glass to maximize the amount of sunlight that enters the distance. The deep frames appear to arise in the size of the fireplace fit into the wall. Extending this upward and above the door further accentuates the L-shape above.

Amitzi Architects

This is among my favourite windows. It is the crash of a low ribbon window along with a skinny vertical window, each on vertical walls. If this is an L-shaped opening, it is one which turns a corner.

Here are a couple projects by Pb Elemental that employ L-shaped openings included of a horizontal and a vertical window. I am not exactly sure what’s happening inside, but it could be viewed that the perpendicular window is operable. Assuming that the flat window is fixed, it follows that the venting has more perpendicular spread — you could sit by the window to catch a snap, for instance.

The identical opening could be observed in another Pb Elemental project, in such a case a few multi-family housing. The L-shaped openings occur on side walls which are predominantly solid for privacy.

LASC Studio

The L-shape on the house’s altitude occurs from windows being placed beside a door. Note how the window on your left is operable, the window near the door is repaired, and the door itself as the same swing as the first.

LASC Studio

From inside, the window gives a great view into the landscape beyond, not to mention the door offers access to the same. This home, for example but not restricted to the L-shaped opening, is a contemporary take on traditional Danish architecture: it’s a reworking of a farmhouse in a minimal palette.

Lane Williams Architects

The L-shaped opening in this tall distance extends from the front door in the bottom to the underside of the timber ceiling. A turn at the top generates a clerestory expanse over the good wall; the latter is that the inside reflection of an exterior wall and roofing facing the facade. It is a complex assemblage that is made more complex by the articulation of the mullions and the door, which has an L-shaped pattern on it.

WA Design Architects

This last instance is a driveway gate that is made from rectangular and L-shaped pieces finished with numerous metals. The leftover spaces can also be rectangular and L-shaped, and even a Z-shaped distance occurs.

The L-Shaped House Plan
Ribbon Windows
Skinny Windows

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