New Classics: Frank Gehry's Hat Trick Chair

You may know of Frank Gehry for his designs, like the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, or for his assisting Brad Pitt “make it right” at New Orleans, but did you understand he is a die-hard ice hockey fan? Produced in Canada, Gehry has honored the game not just by designing an ice rink in Anaheim, California, along with a championship trophy for the World Cup of Hockey, but also by naming pieces of furniture following hockey terms, like hat trick, electricity play, higher sticking and face-off. Today we will take a peek at the Hat Trick seat, which is most frequently used as a dining seat but plays hard throughout the house.


Gehry’s Hat Trick seat, which comes in side and armchair variations, is currently popular on .


Gehry Hat Trick Chair | Hive Modern – $1,515

Gehry approaches each building he designs as a sculptural object, along with also his approach to furniture is no different.

Sharon Portnoy Design

The chairs are composed of bent laminated maple strips. Apple baskets inspired their structure. Even just the tops of the seat backs are eye catching.

Joni Spear Interior Design

This dining table base can also be by Gehry; you may find the same base on his Face Off café table.

Glenn Robert Lym Architect

The strips of these chairs play contemporary elements like exposed rafters and tidy, straight lines, but the form of these chairs throws rooms a curveball. (Pardon my mixing of sports metaphors; my hockey team left Atlanta for Winnipeg, and I am out of touch with hockey this year.)

Doyle McCullar Fine Interiors

The chairs play well with midcentury furniture like Eero Saarinan’s Tulip Table. In addition, I adore this designer’s selection of Fucsia pendants dangling overhead.

Kindred Construction Ltd..

The chairs are right at home in a contemporary eat-in kitchen.

Kindred Construction Ltd..

People who reside in glass houses should throw a few of these chairs around for looky-loos to admire from outdoors.

Don’t quarantine Hat Trick into the dining area; it also makes an announcement as an occasional chair in any other area in the house.

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