Not Merely For Children: Cool Chalk Board Walls

This ideabook has been created by me but did not get an opportunity to use the notion in my home however. Lately, several individuals have remarked on this ideabook, so and additional investigate the walls choice and I made the decision to edit it.

Several small children want to draw on partitions and a few parents like it also…
After viewing these pictures, I fell inlove with all the thought of painting a complete wall with chalk board paint. In the research I did on the web, this indicates that chalk board paint is not difficult to use. Executed right, chalk board paint can make an elegant and fashionable appearance. I actually enjoy the personal touch the wall increases the general layout of the area.

Seemingly, there are a significant few gifted architects and decorators here at Houzz which used employed big chalkboard components within their layouts.
SchappacherWhite Ltd developed a chalk board wall-in a white kitchen. A chalk board was added by Faiella Style around a living area. A large one was employed by Coburn Architecture in a play room. Birdhouse Interiordesign put a chalkboard classic door in a toilet and E. Cobb Architects employed a chalk board wall as part of a contemporary stairs. They show that walls may put in lots of appeal to spaces round the house and are all really creative and interesting.

I also have discovered that chalk board paint does not always have to be black. There are several sellers who offer a big choice of paint that is colour that meet layout needs and your preference. As an example, Hudson paint h-AS 2-4 distinct chalkboard colours to select from. Please a-DD them in the opinions, if any of you employed other sellers.
Ultimately, in case you are really not the DIY kind but nevertheless desire to perform with chalk board, assess the Pottery Barn tiles. I believe they look wonderful and you are able to make layouts that are wonderful together.

SchappacherWhite Architecture D.P.C.

I really like the shadowy chalkboard wall comparing against the kitchen.

Faiella Style

So Refined
What an excellent strategy to put in your own touch to the exquisite conventional dining area.

Before Photograph

Faiella Style

This dining area is looked at by another shut: can you study what’s written on such an board?

Just what a creative thought it’s to use chalk board paint to the cabinet doors!

One blessed kid uses this interesting surface to build up their artistic love…

CWB Architects

My personal favorite playroom ever
This chalk board is therefore “correct” in this chamber! I am able to begin to see it is used by the children for perhaps or artwork, assignments entertaining games making use of their buddies.

Think about “now’s menu” on that great living area chalk board?

And what does one think in regards to a dining table that is chalkboard?

Thanks becky for this wonderful picture!

Thank you sara1972. This toilet old chalkboard do-or is gorgeous!

E. Cobb Architects

Create some thing to the chalkboard each single time you go down the stairway 🙂

A cunning thought which I located at Pottery Barn chalk board tiles to make an all purpose family coordinator.